Janni Hussi and Lauri Joona ended up together by chance – The two remain silent about one thing

Lauri Joona gives his map reader Janni Huss a commendable rating for his WC debut.

Lauri Joona and Janni Hussi will drive together in the World Rally Championship this season. The collaboration started last year by chance. Mikko Huisko

Janni Hussi made his debut in the World Rally Championship a couple of weeks ago.

It can be said that the first rally went quite well. Hussi carted himself and Lauri Joonan Sixth in the WRC2 class and 11th overall.

– That rally was special and important to me. A certain type of monkey fell off the shoulders. I was very nervous beforehand, but it went very well, Hussi analyzes his own performance.

And what kind of verdict does the driver Joona give?

– It went well. I don’t give ten because there is always room for improvement. But let’s say ysiplus. The race was long, but Janni’s concentration and performance was at a good level all the time, Joona praises.

To cooperate by chance

Huss’s ending up as a map reader has already been written about to the point of boredom. Sami Pajarin after the debut in 2022, Hussi read sheet music Heikki Kovalainenbefore the road led to the same car as Joona.

– Our cooperation started through a third party. Experienced map reader Marko Salminen contacted. Janni was supposed to record the Croatian rally route with Kovalainen, but when the driver encountered an obstacle, Marko asked me to pair with Janni, Joona remembers the first meeting.

When Joona later needed a map reader, he suggested cooperation to Huss. The two made their debut in the same team in July of last year in the Swedish EC series competition.

– We noticed that our cooperation is going well and that we get along well with each other. It was actually clear up to that point, Joona states.

– And it doesn’t hurt that Lauri and I have the same taste in music, Hussi laughs.

A mysterious accident

Joona praises that Huss has a good command of the basics of a map reader. Mikko Huisko

According to Joona, the cooperation has been going better and better all the time.

– Janni already has a good handle on the basic job of a map reader, Joona praises.

– We have been doing a lot of music practice together. For example, we went to Monte Carlo to record the route, even though we didn’t participate in the race. There we tried to refine the musical score and practice how the map reader should rhythmize the number of notes in special circumstances.

– I think Lauri’s note is really clear. It’s nice to operate with, Hussi praises his driver.

There is enough to learn. Even if the basics are already going well, only experience prepares you for surprising situations.

– When something special hits, they are always a challenge for the karttur. No matter how experienced you are. This side has been polished, and yes, it will be polished, Joona believes.

The outings are also part of the spirit of the game. Last year in Spain, the tests ended with a violent exit where Joona injured his back.

The duo’s expressions become serious when asked about the accident. Neither of them wants to go back to that situation in the interview.

– A run out happened, but that’s part of the sport. In the end, nothing else happened. We are one piece and this is what we stand for, Joona, who hurt his back in an accident, is content to say.

In pursuit of victory in Finland

Hussi lives and breathes rally car racing. Mikko Huisko

The next competition of Joona and Hussi’s season is still a mystery.

– Let’s change the surface. Probably driving on asphalt. It is not possible to say more precisely at this stage, says Joona.

However, it is certain that the duo will be seen on the gravel roads of Central Finland at the turn of July and August.

– In Rally Finland, we will fight hard for the class win, Joona promises.

Jari-Matti Latvala shared his best memory of the Finnish World Rally Championship. Mikko Huisko