Janke Dekker harassed at home by private paparazzo: ‘Caught!’

Janke Dekker was harassed at home by a paparazzo from the weekly magazine Privé. A photo of her half hiding behind her front door is on the cover of the magazine this week.

© Google Street View, William Rutten, RTL

They say they are at home with the curtains drawn: Janke Dekker and Tom Egbers. The revelations about his behavior at NOS Sport not only got him into trouble, but also her. She deliberately remained at the helm of the Mores hotline, while she knew that her husband was also not of impeccable conduct.

Paparazzo to Janke

Friend and foe agree that Janke’s behavior is also questionable, but should we now also send paparazzi to her home to see how she is hiding? Evert Santegoeds, the editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Privé, thinks so. He put the result on the cover of his magazine this week.

A paparazzo from Privé has taken a photo on which we see the semi-detached house of Janke and Tom in the old village of Huizen. She carefully opens the front door to look outside. Click! The photo is printed large in Private, spread over two pages. ‘This house also has its cross…’, reads the headline.

Parcel delivery boy

Why did Janke open the front door? Evert has two lectures on this subject. In his magazine he writes: “The Private Photographer finds that the deceived Mrs. Egbers does not come out and only opens the door for a parcel deliverer.”

And in its online section Strictly Private he says: “We had a photographer in the Gooi, where they now live. A neighbor there was kind enough to ring the doorbell that there was a photographer in the street. And then Janke wanted to see where that was and then she looked straight into the camera. That is the only image of her now.”

Private cover

The cover of the latest Privé, which also features the curious Janke: