For Diili competitor Vili Värtinen, 22, working is just a hobby – He became financially independent by investing

Vili Värtinen, who accumulated his wealth through investments, is competing in the current Diili season.

Vili Värtinen, 22, from Kulennois, competes in the current Diili season thanks to his girlfriend.

Värtinen was sitting on the couch with his girlfriend when she noticed an ad on social media looking for contestants for the Diili program. The idea didn’t appeal to Värtinen at first, but within ten minutes, with the encouragement of his girlfriend, Värtinen had shot his application video.

Värti became the youngest ever participant of Suomen Diil.

Investment history

Despite his young age, Värtinen has plenty of experience in business and finance. Actually, he is already in a situation where he would never have to work again – and that is his own merit.

Värtinen grew up in a Duna family. His mother is a waitress and his father is a gardener, and there was no talk of investing in their home. However, Värtinen became interested in investing through social media.

– Maybe I went to that fair a bit silly. Enter the investment world purely through self-study.

Värtinen initially collected initial capital from various odd jobs, such as construction site tasks. He progressed quickly in his job duties and his earnings grew along with it. Värtinen had a lot of extra money left over from his monthly salary, which he started investing around the age of 18 according to the instructions he learned on the internet.

– I bought cryptocurrencies, index funds and others. What can I come up with now. We then had to try it out and practice a bit, says Värtinen.

Courage paid off. Värtinen does not want to say how much property he has today. He justifies his decision with security reasons.

– It doesn’t really make sense to anyone, Värtinen adds.

Investment tips

Värtien has plenty of tips for young people who are interested in investing and saving.

– When you’re young, you can take incredibly big risks. You have the rest of your life to fix them.

Värtinen emphasizes that what he says, he does not mean that investing should be done recklessly. He urges everyone to plan the use of money wisely and calculate exactly how to spend the money.

– You have to have enough wealth to get by in everyday life, says Värtinen.

– If I didn’t have any money, I wouldn’t think about investing, but about where I could get as much money as possible as quickly as possible.

Värtinen himself always considers an amount equivalent to a year’s living expenses as a buffer, but states that he can get by with less. He recommends keeping, for example, half a year’s worth of living expenses in the account in case there are losses in investing or the source of income, such as earned income, runs out.

Värtinen advises that capital can be increased by making small choices in everyday life. Eating healthy and cooking at home are ways he keeps his own expenses under control. He also doesn’t use drugs like tobacco and doesn’t really party outside.

– Just about everyone can use evening discounts, waste boxes and the Resq application if they live in a larger town. Then these cheap brands, such as Raimbow, Pirkka and Xtra: You already save a lot with them. Depending on the diet, buy the product with the cheapest price per kilo.

– If you buy chicken, for example, buy the biggest box at the cheapest price per kilo and put the rest in the freezer, says Värtinen.

When there is enough money for a sufficient buffer, according to him, you can move on to low-risk investments, such as funds. Only then would he invest in high-risk items, such as cryptocurrencies or nft works, if they are interesting – but only when the support network is ready.

– The money I invest, I treat it as if I were throwing money in the trash. If I need that money in, say, a year or six months from now, there’s a bigger purchase coming up, then there’s no point in investing. There is always the risk that it won’t work out.

However, Värtinen would not call his lifestyle frugal. He spends his money on, among other things, his hobbies, such as branded watches, clothes, bags and designer products. However, Värtinen’s ulterior motive is that the goods retain their value or increase it.


Sointu Borg, who won Diil in 2021, opened up in the book he published last year that, according to his experience, the pesti he won practically did not exist. Borg worked at the company without an employment contract or salary negotiations.

Värtinen wasn’t worried about the headlines when he started the competition.

– I’m not really interested in the salary when working, but what the job entails. I’ve heard that in the previous two seasons, the work and its content have been a bit shaky, but that didn’t bother me, Värtinen sums up.

Värtinen is generally interested in experimenting and accepting different opportunities in life. He says that he has done operations manager’s jobs before, and he still praises himself that he did well in them, so the prize of the competition did not excite him.

Värtinen (in the middle of the bottom row) has not been frightened by the headlines. Four


Värtinen has been dating his girlfriend for over four years. Värtinen recalls that he had just spent the last of his money on a car when the two met, and he had no money at all.

– He was actually richer than me. He had a summer job, Värtinen laughs.

At the time, the girlfriend paid for the pizzas for the date nights together. Today, the two travel together around the world.

Currently, Värtinen is getting used to living with his spouse in Helsinki, where he has just moved from Kuopio. Värtinen is looking forward to his new job and the steady daily rhythm that comes with it. He will work on his beloved hobby, watches, in a well-known goldsmith’s shop.

In the video, Iltalehti journalists Karoliina Simoinen and Henna Koste go through the season’s opening episode.