Laura Pausini breaks the silence on her marriage to Paolo Carta

AND one of the most anticipated weddings of the year: by the end of 2023 Laura Pausini will marry her partner Paolo Carta. United for 18 years, the two are finally ready for the big step. The news was reported in all the media after the marriage banns appeared on the website of the Municipality of Rome. No comment from the singer. At least until today, when has published on his Instagram profile a post with words that sound like a wedding promise.

Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta married

The music star has always shared the desire to marry the partner and father of her child, Paola, born 10 years ago. It seems that the two had already planned everything years ago but then postponed the ceremony due to the pandemic. Now, however, it seems, they are ready for the big step. Which, probably, could somehow start today.

The clues on social media

Here is the Instagram post that appears as a clear reference to the wedding with Paolo Carta. «May your every promise be mine, in health or in sickness, everything you want is already in front of us» wrote the singer. Accompanying the post with today’s date: «22.3.2023». Words that almost sound like a wedding promise. And the question arises: what if the wedding were today? Among the Instgram Stories, then, the singer published the image of a tag attached to the door handle with the words “do not disturb”. Are you getting ready for the big day?

The yes after 18 years together

Eighteen years have passed since the beginning of the love story between the singer and the musician. Since then they have never left, indeed. I am in love and very close, just as the social posts demonstrate in which words and promises of love are exchanged. «Thanks for the kisses you give me» she wrote in one of the last Instagram posts dedicated to her almost husband. The last family social postcard dates back to February 8, when the couple’s daughter, Paola, blew out 10 candles. And who knows, maybe it’s time for them to celebrate again: this time, orange blossom.