Janina Fry has an exceptional attitude to her appearance

The 50-year-old model reveals to Helsingin Sanomat that she has never considered herself a woman who meets beauty ideals.

Entrepreneur and model Janina Fry reveals For Helsingin Sanomatwhat she thinks about her appearance and how she has been described as the sexiest woman in Finland in previous years.

Fry won the Miss Suomen Neito competition in 1993 and finished sixth in the Miss World competition the same year. With that, a career as a model opened up for her.

With the work, a lot of attention was paid to Fry’s appearance in Finland, and over the years she has been described as both hot and the sexiest woman. All of this has confused Fry, as she feels that she has never lived up to the traditional pretty girl mold.

– Maybe it’s not beauty, but the kind of closeness to people that has drawn me to people, he describes to Helsingin Sanomat.

Janina Fry is modest about her appearance. He feels that it is not the most important thing in life and emphasizes that many people look good when dressed. PASI LEISMA

In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, he says that his attitude towards his own appearance has changed, especially in recent years. He has noticed that he doesn’t like the way he has been talked about in the past.

In addition, Fry decided to remove both of her breasts when in 2018 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and the genetic defect predisposing to it. It further changed the world of values.

– If I used to think that there had to be all kinds of tilpehöör, then that kind of thing has completely lost its meaning. And probably all the focus on appearance has also disappeared. The little I had, Fry reflects.

Janina Fry says that health and good time together with loved ones are the most important things in her life. PASI LEISMA