Jan Smit will release a new album on October 28, which bears the name Boven Jan. The 36-year-old Smit made this known this morning via a video on social media. It is the first album by the Volendam singer after his burnout. He describes that period as ‘a roller coaster’.

    In the video that Smit shares, he receives the first copy of his new album from a vinyl factory in Haarlem. “Of course in the color orange”, says Smit. The singer’s new album will be released on CD, LP and will also be available to stream digitally everywhere.

    The majority of the tracks on the album come from Smit himself and his regular producer Thomas Tol. He wrote other songs with Matthijn Buwalda, Alain Clark and Han Kooreneef. This album also contains the singles As long as you are with me and Between you and me, a duet with Waylon, which have been released before.

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