If you ever doubt whether true love still exists, drive towards Alteveer to the house of Jan and Betsy Huisjes. Next to it is a gypsy wagon, built by Jan, especially for his wife. For the past year he has toiled in the barn to make his wife’s dream come true.

    “Yes, she likes it,” says Huisjes beaming as he shows his gypsy wagon. “That worked out fine for me.”

    “I’ve always loved it,” Betsy beams, leaning over the balustrade of the gypsy wagon and looking towards the large pond in the garden. “Just like a cabin on the moor, I also thought it was so beautiful. That small, nice and cozy. And then this came our way.”

    By this she means the project that her husband Jan started more than a year ago. He first bought a tractor and thought that something had to be done behind it. “Here in the region there was an old car for sale, I completely demolished it and rebuilt it,” explains Huisjes.

    Jan and Betsy are proud of their gypsy wagon: (text continues below video)