Jamai Loman succeeds Ruben Nicolai as presenter of the Lego Masters program, but that is not very useful according to television professor Tina Nijkamp. “It’s not an ideal situation.”

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    Lego Masters gets a new presenter after two seasons: Jamai Loman succeeds his colleague Ruben Nicolai. “It’s the third season, so I’m actually taking over Ruben Nicolai. I consider it a great honor to be able to present the format. Ruben is a very nice colleague of mine,” the presenter told RTL Boulevard last weekend.

    Jamai succeeds Ruben

    Jamai states that he has Rubens blessing. “I think it’s sweet of Ruben that he said, ‘If someone is going to do it, then I’m glad Jamai is going to do it.’”

    TV expert Rob Goossens believes that Ruben is too busy. “Of course he has the necessary programs: The Masked Singer, I Know Everything About It, his dominoes. But The Lamas are also coming back as TAFKAL and that will also take time. I think it’s wise for him to say, ‘Maybe one less thing.’”

    Not an ideal situation

    Television professor Tina Nijkamp wonders whether RTL 4 is doing the right thing. “Curious as to why RTL 4 has opted for this. This means that Jamai will fill both the entire Friday evening (Holland’s Got Talent, together with Buddy Vedder) and the Saturday evening (Lego Masters) at RTL 4 this fall,” she writes on Instagram.

    That is not very convenient, Tina thinks. “So Jamai presents all the family entertainment of the weekend. That does not seem to me to be an ideal situation in terms of variation in schedule and mix of presenters.”

    New stage

    Rob states that Jamai is an excellent choice in any case. “It seems to me ehh… I don’t think there are very many criteria to be able to do this.”

    “I like it for Jamai who is slowly building up quite a nice presentation career. This is another new stage for him and I really like it.”