Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury did better in his punching series and deservedly won.

  • When Tommy Fury attacked, Jake Paul turned his head. That shouldn’t happen.
  • The expert praised the condition of the contestants.
  • Still, Jake Paul’s boxing performance was a disappointment.

Jake Paul suffered the first loss of his boxing career late Sunday night. Tommy Fury scored a points victory in Saudi Arabia with a unanimous decision.

The match lasted a full eight rounds, and Fury delivered the better shots. Still, one score judge recorded the match in Paul’s name.

– The end result was correct. When the victory was announced, Fury was so relieved and relieved that there was no talk of a scripted match. The emotions were so genuine, and Fury was clearly not completely sure of his victory, says Iltalehti’s martial arts expert Jaakko Dahlbacka.

– The positive thing was that both competitors withstood the pressure surprisingly well. The match could have gone worse, with shouting and tearing, but nothing like that was seen, Dahlbacka shares praise.

Before the match, many wondered how Paul, who became known as a YouTube star, would cope against Fury in the ring. The British opponent has a longer boxing career than the American Paul, although Fury’s professional career is just beginning.

– I was disappointed with Paul, and I can admit that I was a little wrong about him. I believed he would have been able to box better. The truth has now come out.

– From Paulista, you could see that he was trying, so to speak, one punch, an upper hook coming over the shoulder. Then he just tried it. It’s not like you can win with one trick. The lack of skill showed and it was easy for Fury to defend against that punch.

Paul got his best hits with his forehand. However, Fury was able to hit sets more effectively.

– We didn’t see any counterattacks from Fury either, but he used his front right to prepare situations. They resulted in longer hitting streaks, Dahlbacka analyzed.

Jake Paul (left) took more hard hits than he gave. PDO

In those series, we saw the danger spots for Paul.

– Paul turned his face away as Fury came forward with his punches. It’s a rookie mistake that shouldn’t happen in any stroke. If Fury had been more competitive, he would have hit even longer and capitalized on Paul’s mistakes.

Revenge – or not

The expert appreciates that the condition of both fighters lasted well for the full eight rounds, even though the intensity was quite high right from the start.

However, it was telling that the World Championship match before the fight between Paul and Fury was much better quality boxing.

Badou Jack’s and Ilunga Makabun in a match of the same weight class, I saw how different the match intelligence is at the World Championship level.

Paul’s contract has an option for a rematch. Fury said after the match that he was ready to face Paul again.

However, the expert does not immediately warm to the idea.

– You should think about what the angle of entry would be, since the match was not very exciting. Should Paul practice more and let time pass a bit? The defeat wasn’t a complete humiliation, and it wouldn’t be impossible that with training the result could turn the other way.

Jaakko Dahlbacka admitted that he was a little wrong about Paul’s skills. Jenni Gästgivar