Jaimie Vaes opens frontal attack on Yvonne Coldeweijer: ‘Hate!’

In her long interview with Robbert Rodenburg, Jaimie Vaes opens the attack on Yvonne Coldeweijer head-on. “Either it’s some kind of obsession or she’s really unhappy and lacking in love.”

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It is war between Jaimie Vaes and Yvonne Coldeweijer. She confided in the juice queen at the beginning of last year by sharing a video in which she is abused by her ex-boyfriend Jorik Scholten, better known as Lil Kleine. Lately, however, Yvonne has been a lot less supportive of Jaimie, because she feels screwed by her.

Safe with Yvonne

Jamie tells us Open Map including why she sent the video to Yvonne of all places. “She was the first thing that came to my mind. She once said: ‘People in Amsterdam have known for a long time what goes on in her home.’ Maybe that way I also felt somewhat safe with her.”

She is also a woman, Jaimie continues. “Perhaps also because it is a woman, where you feel safe. I thought that wrong! I could kind of put it down with her or something.”


The relationship between Jaimie and Yvonne has since been damaged beyond repair. “Even though I am grateful to her, because without her help I might not have been here in the sense that I got out of an unsafe situation, but the way she reports news… It has a personal undertone. Her personal preference.”

She continues: “She completely turns around in one go. Kind of anti-Jaimie, a liar. I’m almost thinking: did you always want this? Did you want to pick me up somewhere? Did you want to give some kind of direction to how the Netherlands thinks about me? Not only to me, but I also see how she does to other people, for example to Koen.”

Party Jorik

Jaimie thinks that Yvonne now reports more positively about Jorik. “It’s really great for what she does. At one point I read a few days ago that she posted that Jorik had a party in response to the fact that it had been reported that my head had not been in the door. She was going to glorify that.”

She continues: “It was so sickening when I read that. I thought: huh?! Wait a second! It is applauded that someone is having a party because my head was not in the door? So since it hasn’t been my head, it’s less bad? So you as a woman want to put a victim of domestic violence back in a corner at once?”


It’s not fun, says Jaimie. “I don’t understand her motivation. Do not you like me? I don’t like you either, but let’s also remember: I don’t know this woman personally, do I? She also doesn’t pay my rent and doesn’t come for breakfast on Sunday. I’ve never seen her in real life.”

She concludes: “If you hadn’t wanted to help me at that moment, you could have said so. Either it’s some kind of obsession or she’s really unhappy herself and she lacks a lot of love. She really just needs a hug, I think. I’m just not going to give it to him. I don’t understand where all this hate comes from.”

Yvonne responds

Yvonne responds to Jaimie’s statements as follows:

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