Jaimie Vaes hits back at Rob Goossens: ‘Know what you’re doing!’

Jaimie Vaes hits back hard at Rob Goossens. The reality star shares a piece in which the TV connoisseur of RTL Boulevard is properly put in his place. “How can you stigmatize like that?”

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Rob Goossens thinks it’s a shame that Jaimie Vaes revealed in a long interview this week that her 3-year-old son Lío shows ‘quite a lot of signs of a form of autism’. “I was shocked when I heard this. Of course because I am very sorry for Lío, but also that she shares it,” the TV expert responded in RTL Boulevard.

Support for Jamie

You shouldn’t want to throw something like that on the street at all, says Rob. “Why the hell tell the whole world that the poor boy apparently, despite being 3, still doesn’t talk and shows signs of autism? Anyone who will have to deal with Lío in the future will have already seen this.”

Yes, so what, thinks one Cleo van der Schaft. This mother of two gets in a long Instagram post hard on Rob and her words are fully endorsed by Jaimie. She shares the mail in her stories and writes: “Thank you ????♥️”

Attack on Rob

Cleo makes mincemeat of Rob. “Are you serious, Robert? How can you stigmatize like that? Do you know what you’re doing? Your statements will reverberate in many Dutch living rooms. Not only Jaimie is made unnecessarily insecure about this issue, but many more people who have to deal with autism in daily life (…).”

She continues: “You pushed the stigma that many parents are terrified of right into the face of many viewers through the television. Because of this, you may have prevented that one mother from having her child examined and seeking help. Because she doesn’t want her child to be stigmatized and she wants to protect her child from people (…) like you.”

Applause for Jamie

Jaimie deserves a big round of applause for this action, Cleo thinks. “Especially from a program like RTL Boulevard, which stands for inclusiveness. However? It’s incredibly valuable to parents who are in the same boat that Jaimie speaks out. That the taboo is broken.”

She continues: “Other parents may think; hey i’m not the only one! It can happen to anyone, having an autistic child. Even the child of Jaimie Vaes and Jorik Scholten can be autistic. In all sorts of ways, forces can be combined in a positive way to move forward.”

Turn around your ears

Jaimie’s statements have nothing to do with ‘making stories’ or seeking sensation, Cleo thinks. “Do you really think that a mother would make such statements about her most precious possession if she were not almost certain of her case? If there wasn’t a lot that preceded it that you don’t know about, Rob?”

“It is a pity that someone who takes a good step towards breaking a taboo is immediately punished. You don’t deserve a round of applause for Rob here, you deserve a big, fat slap around the ears.