JAIME PEÑAFIEL LETIZIA | The 8 cluster bombs on Letizia that Jaime del Burgo releases in Peñafiel’s book

Last year, in his previous book, ‘Alto y Claro’ (Grijalbo), Jaime Penafiel made it clear – once again – that Letizia was not “suitable” to be queen, that “if she had been investigated a little there would have been no wedding.” “I will keep it until I die,” she swore to this newspaper. Several months later, now 91 years old, she returns to the charge against the Queen with a new title, ‘Letizia and me. What secrets is Queen Letizia hiding?‘, published in Arcopress on November 21. This time, instead of using that “four-story file” that the veteran chronicler claims to have with information about Felipe de Borbón’s wife, he entrusts the entire role to Jaime del Burgoformer friend of the eldest Ortiz, witness of her wedding with the then Prince of Asturias and ex-husband years later of Letizia’s second sister, Telma.

After his fleeting marriage, the son of the historic Navarrese politician disappeared from the map. But in recent months he has maintained “telephone conversations” and has “exchanged correspondence” with Peñafiel, “making him aware of relevant facts” about his private life. Del Burgo, who last weekend poured out all his venom on the internet, and has earned a multitude of criticism by making a photograph of the Queen goes viral pregnant accompanied by an alleged declaration of love from this [el famoso selfi de la pashima], signed the former editor-in-chief of ‘Hello!’ a consent to be able to make those passages public.

These 10 chapters are confessions of impact:

“I tried to avoid abdication”

“Days before the king abdicated, I tried to avoid the ceremony through a conversation I had with the head of the House. The information I transmitted to him I know never reached the ears of the person concerned; on the contrary, it was used to promote his resignation. Perhaps One day I considered doing a doctoral thesis in law on the vice in consent and that historical abdication. ‘Behave,’ I told myself. In the face of injustice? Become a gluttonous and perverse Sancho? Never! The Internal wars in a family are one thing, but being cruel to a defenseless old man is another. Exiled to die in the land of the Moors? Why? Dying far from home is one of the worst things that can happen to one” (…)

There is a king set by the BOE. And there is another who lives at forty degrees in the shade and that, in my modest opinion, it continues to be so, according to my interpretation of the law and the laws of natural race applied to the circumstances of the case.”

“The CNI ransacked my house”

“The day the CNI ransacked my house in Genthod, on the outskirts of Geneva, at 9 rue de Village, looking for what was always and continues to be kept in a safe deposit box of a financial institution with the express order to be delivered to the defender of my memory in case of accidental or premature death, that day, I say, I also behaved in full view of my vilified intimacy“.

“I have no interests in Spain. Not even a current account. I speak a language that is not my mother tongue. I practice a religion that is not Catholic. I have worked in 36 countries and generated thousands of jobs. My friends are foreign people. My homeland, the world. My wife and daughters are Swedish. I got a doctorate in law and work with quantum computers“.

“The years that I have left, I will live between London and Carmel, in California, the roots that I have decided to give to my daughters. My memoirs, which I began to write when I realized that, sooner rather than later, I will lose my memories, will be the memoirs of a nobody who changed the dictates of his natural destiny – that of being a lawyer at the University of Navarra – to end up being a universal vagabond to whom many things have happened; some extraordinary, like my romance with Letizia”.

“They have to treat you better than Lady Di”

[Antes de la boda que podría haber sido la suya con Letizia, puesto que Del Burgo le iba a pedir matrimonio cuando Letizia le confesó que había conocido al hombre que le iba a cambiar la vida para siempre, Felipe de Borbón, el abogado navarro terció por su más que amiga en el tema de las capitulaciones]. “… Everything had to be left very tied in the event of a possible divorce, through capitulations. But there was one issue that Letizia refused to sign as it was drafted by Zarzuela’s advisors: what related to children in case of separation. ‘If you separate, they have to treat you better than Lady Di,’ Jaime del Burgo told him.. It was an imposition from King Juan Carlos… It was Jaime who advised Letizia not to sign them the way they had been written, claiming that she risked being treated like a Diana of Wales. Zarzuela warned Jaime de Burgo that he had to sign as they appeared in the document, without removing or adding anything. About this, Jaime de Burgo comments: ‘I called Felipe, a man with a good heart. He didn’t like capitulations either.’ Jaime de Burgo informed me at the time that, while he was acting as a witness, “Felipe promised Letizia that, in the event that the marriage did not come to fruition, he would take care of her and respect her rights as a mother if they had children by then.” “I swear,” were the prince’s words.

“If Felipe didn’t comply, I would take care of her”

“Later would come the second promise, still and always in force, my own towards Letizia. Consisting of that, If Felipe did not comply, I would do it for him in terms of caring for his well-being and protecting his person. And that we would challenge, if the circumstances arose, the terms of custody regulation (…). [“Ahora entendí por qué Jaime del Burgo aceptó ser testigo de aquella boda que… ¡podría haber sido la suya!”, escribe Peñafiel].

[Escribe Peñafiel: “Meses después de la boda, Jaime me reconoce que sustituyó a los amigos ‘mamporreros’]: “They invited me to Baqueira and Marivent. “I had a great friendship with Felipe. I told him my problems, and he told his. When I met his family, the kings, the princesses and others, they disappointed me, or I thought they had a higher intellectual level, but I discovered that each one thought only of himself (…). Letizia was a fox in the henhouse (…). With the birth of Leonor, I became Tito Jaime. At that time, I lived in London, but, when I came to Madrid, I used to spend the night in my ‘room’ in Zarzuela. One day I went down to the pool and found that Letizia was there. It had been a long time since the two of us had been alone. We were always surrounded by people. Sitting in hammocks, facing each other, we looked at each other for a long time in silence, until I heard her say: ‘How much I love you!’ I answered what I felt: “Me, too.”

“Those girls made my life happy”

[Cuando nació Sofía, Jaime se convirtió en el tío de las dos, escribe Peñafiel] “It was a beautiful period. I had no children, and those girls made my life happy… Working in Brazil, I suffered a pulmonary embolism. I remained in the ICU for 15 days. I got the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo to give me a telephone with which Letizia and I spoke every day. ‘I’m going to see you.’ ‘Impossible’. ‘What if something happens to you?’“.

“Holding hands at the movies”

“On my visits to Madrid We always went to the movies on weekends Felipe, Letizia and some friends. Letizia and I always sat together, holding hands. They were moments of happiness. But August 2011 was the only time we argued. In Marivent. And in November of that year, while I was in London, I received a call. It was very brief: ‘We can’t continue seeing each other.’ And he hung up.”

Letizia, “humiliated and abused woman”

Letizia, a woman on the verge of collapse, but, on this occasion, also humiliated and mistreated. The institutional mafia did not know of a love that was born in Venice before the year 2000″ (…).

[Peñafiel deja caer que los examantes siguen tratándose en la actualidad]Today I asked Letizia to collaborate so that the king can die at home and in his homeland. Old elephants return to the place where they were born. Although Juan Carlos was born in Rome, by accident, his home is Spain. That’s what I’ll do too. One day I will march from wherever I am and return to Pamplona.”

Jaime del Burgo had a very bad time until a very good friend encouraged him, advising him: “Cheer up and call Telma.” “I met Telma in the first stage of my relationship with Letizia. In the second, she strictly forbade me to see her. But one day, we met at the Zarzuela and the four of us (Letizia, Felipe, Telma and I) met. We went to the cinema. When we came out, it was raining heavily… She asked me to go see her in Barcelona, ​​where she lived at the time. And that’s what I did. I called her and I went. I told him that his sister must not know that he had gone. She wasn’t surprised. I had also forbidden her from seeing me. They met in Aspen, where he had invited her, and not only did they fall in love with her, but she asked him to marry her.“.

“We will be back together”

[Aunque Letizia no asistió a la ceremonia de su hermana en el monasterio navarro de Leyre, en 2012, sí aceptó viajar a la que los novios celebraron en Roma dos meses más tarde] “When the guests congratulated us, It was Letizia’s turn, who kissed me on the cheek and in my ear said: ‘We will be together again’ (…). I have never found out what happened. For the next three years, I attempted the impossible. But Letizia didn’t stop until my relationship with her sister failed.”