Jaén missing day laborers | The Civil Guard searches among the olive trees of ‘La Moratilla’ for the bodies of the two laborers who disappeared after arguing with their employer


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The UCO registers, with the help of dogs and a georadar, a businessman’s farm where, 9 years ago, they found the earmuffs of the first seasonal worker who was lost track of

Agents of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard are inspecting this Tuesday ‘La Moratilla’, an olive farm in 7,000 square meters located in Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén) and owned by the Villacarrillo olive businessman who is being investigated for the disappearances, in 2013 and 2021, of two African seasonal workers when they worked for himas CASO ABIERTO, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has learned.

The investigations focus on finding the corpses of the Malian Tidiany Coulibaly and from Senegalese Ibrahim Diouf, according to the sources consulted by this medium. The researchers are combing the terrain with georadar and with the help of dogs specialized in detect blood and other biological remains.

It is the first time that the UCO traces this olive grove, located just 15 kilometers from the Villacarrillo house where, eight years apart, the track of the two day laborers is lost after both discuss with your employerGinés Vicente, for the same reason: their poor working conditions.

they did not work there

This is a key record for the investigation, since neither Tidiany nor Ibrahima ever worked at ‘La Moratilla’, therefore, if any biological remains were found, the businessman I would have to explain that findingas explained by the same sources.

It so happens that, almost nine years ago, in January 2014, the researchers already found on that farm some earmuffs de Tidiany, the first disappeared. Also, Eltonthe Civil Guard dog that collaborated to find the body of Diana Quermarked the biological remains of the young Malian in an olive tree near the place where they found the missing person’s garment.

In 2014, the Civil Guard found Tidiany Coulibaly’s earmuffs on the ‘La Moratilla’ farm, despite the fact that the day laborer never worked there. OPEN CASE |

This new record is part of the proceedings that the UCO and the investigating court 1 of Villacarrillo have been carrying out since September and in which the principal investigated is still Ginés Vicente, who already went to trial, accused of kidnapping and make Tidiany Coulibaly disappear in 2013.

So, the Court of Jaén acquitted him of that crime for lack of evidence, but convicted him of exploiting various immigrants of his crew to those who, according to the sentence, “he deceived and abused them, taking advantage of the fact that they were foreign immigrants, some of them without papers and who did not know our language well”. The boss was also convicted of obstruction of justice.

Farm ‘El Molinillo’

The Civil Guard has spent two months searching various properties of the businessman in search of the bodies of Ibrahima and Tidiany. Among them, last September the agents checked another farm belonging to the boss known as ‘The Grinder’ and where the two seasonal workers worked picking olives.

The Criminalistics Service of the Civil Guard also thoroughly searched a garage in which, according to the investigations, the trail of Ibrahima was lost. In addition, they searched with georadar in the house where the immigrants were staying and a well What is in the patio of that house?

As CASO ABIERTO announced, on November 3 agents from the Special Group for Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard also inspected some natural pools in Mogón (Jaén), for which they emptied a raft and went over the bottom of the mud, inch by inch, helped by four divers and a metal detector.