Jack Grealish dedicated his goal to Finley.

    In the England-Iran match played on Monday, there was a ventilation, the meaning of which was hardly revealed to all the spectators from the same seat.

    Jack Grealish completed the first goal of his career at the championship level, but still remembered the promise he made to the City supporter in the midst of the emotion.

    Finlay is a cp-disabled boy who recently proposed to Grealish to fan himself in honor of his World Cup goal. The first request was a worm made famous by breakdancers, but the British star found it too demanding for him.

    The friends ended up doing a hand wave together, with which Grealish delighted Finley in front of the TV cameras.

    Later in the evening, the man posted on his Twitter account a picture of his venting and a video of the meeting where he made his promise.

    – For you, Finlay, he wrote next to it.

    Finlay was inspired to approach Grealish through the letter when he heard that the player’s little sister Hollie also has CP.

    – It makes me really happy that a famous footballer like you knows what it’s like to live with CP disabled, Finlay wrote to Grealish.

    After beating Iran 6–2, England’s World Cup campaign continues on Friday when they face the USA.

    Jack Grealish sent his regards to Finlay. PDO