Jaajo Linnonmaa made an embarrassing mistake at the airport – An embarrassing surprise awaited him at home

In his podcast, Jaajo Linnonmaa talks about an embarrassing mistake that happened to him.

Host Jaajo Linnonmaa tells in his podcast Anni and Jaajo about an embarrassing mishap that happened to him recently at an airport in Austria.

Jaajo was waiting at the airport for a flight to Finland and bought a non-alcoholic beer, a pretzel and a small bag of chips to help him while he waited. He sat down at the table and started filming his purchases on social media.

The filming of the video was interrupted when Jaajo noticed that the man sitting across from him opens a bag of chips and starts eating the chips on the table.

– I’m up for it, excuse me? Jaajo says he was surprised.

The man reacts to Jaajo’s question by turning the bag of chips towards Jaajo.

– I carefully took a few sips from it and drank my beer. He then took a few sips of it again. I ask again what it is about. He then asked something in German about that bag of chips. I tried to explain to him again that this is my bag of chips.

Jaajo got into an awkward situation at the airport. Elle Laitila

The man stood up and laughed, but Jaajo was not amused by the situation.

– I stared at his back so that if he turns around, he knows he did something wrong, Jaajo says with a twinkle in his eye.

The confused presenter jumped on a plane after the situation.

An embarrassing surprise was revealed at home. When Jaajo was handing out goodies to his children, he noticed that his own bag of crisps was waiting in the shopping bag.

In reality, the man at the airport had eaten his own bag of chips.

– Absolutely terrible! Think about it, that guy has thought that he is someone crazy, fellow presenter Anni Ihamäki laughed.

– Think when he left it and I put my hand on the bag that it’s mine and it stays here, Jaajo laughed.

Anni and Jaajo podcast is a joint podcast by Jaajo Linnonmaa and Anni Ihamäki. The couple hosted Radio Suomipop’s Aamulypsy for years together, before they left the program in 2022.