Ivo Niehe has quit his legendary TV show TV Show because celebrities no longer wanted to host him at home. “I won’t get in to a Lady Gaga anymore.”

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    For years Ivo Niehe was a fixture on Dutch television. For his TV Show he has interviewed many celebrities, both in the Netherlands and far beyond. He retired from the program in January and now he can only be seen somewhere in the morning program.

    Lady Gaga doesn’t want Ivo

    Why did Ivo stop? “The big difference is that I could hardly come home to important people. Privacy now plays a very important role. I used to call John Bon Jovi at home to see if we could come. Gladly. Mia Farrow? Welcome,” he tells Weekend magazine.

    Now that is different. “You can’t get in to Lady Gaga anymore?” the magazine asks him. Ivo then: “With Lady Gaga, no. I had to rely on the press moments.”

    Press moments

    Ivo doesn’t like those press moments at all. “I’ve done a few of those with really great people, like Woody Allen and Mick Jagger. That was fun, but that was the kick off.”

    Ivo also wanted to get out of the ‘viewer rating race’. Not surprising, because his viewing figures had dropped considerably. “I had imposed on myself that I always had to have one and a half to two million viewers, otherwise it was not good.”

    Television of now

    What does Ivo think of today’s television? “Now I think Wim Daniëls is the greatest hero of Dutch television. He does the program Het Dorp with Huub Stapel. He is the ideal partner, because he talks so well and a lot that Huub does not have to do anything and can still send his bill.”

    Will we see Ivo again in prime time? “There is interest in taking my podcast to television and I would love to make that happen.”