It’s radiant spring weather, but will it stay this beautiful? Weatherman Wouter knows

You really have to take advantage of the beautiful weather this Saturday, Wouter van Bernebeek of Weerplaza emphasizes. Spring, which officially arrives next week, begins with autumn weather.

“We already had a very nice day on Friday”, Wouter looked back on Saturday morning in the radio program ‘Weekend!’ on Omroep Brabant. “Then it became 19 degrees locally. I think we will also reach about 18 degrees this afternoon, here and there in our region. There is very little wind, so it will be really pleasant in the sun. A wonderful day to to go out or grab a terrace if you have the chance.”

“Saturday evening may occur local thunderstorms.”

Towards the evening we will have to deal with a few showers. “They will pass on Saturday evening in particular. Thunderstorms can also occur locally. This has to do with the slightly higher temperatures. On Sunday the spring weather has really disappeared a bit. The temperature will then drop a lot. There is clearly more wind than this Saturday, it will really feel a lot colder then. Sunday we have to do with 12 or 13 degrees at the highest.”

According to the Weerplaza weatherman, this also applies to the new week. “Monday and Tuesday it will remain mainly dry, but then there will be a lot of clouds and then it will be a maximum of 12 degrees.”

“The sun will have a really hard time next week.”

The volatility will increase from Wednesday. “Then it sometimes starts to rain heavily every day. The sun is having a really hard time. During the day, with about 12 degrees and a strong wind, it may look more like autumn.”

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