‘It’s done, this will follow Idols’

It’s really terrible for Yvon Jaspers: this makes you the ratings volcano of the Mediapark and that makes you old news. Farmer Seeks Woman is no longer a mega hit. “This will follow Idols.”


After nineteen years it is suddenly over: the immense success of Boerzoekt Vrouw. The new season started a week ago with viewing figures that almost shocked Tina Nijkamp. He has all day stories sat tapping on Instagram to indicate the seriousness of the situation. And Yvon Jaspers? He quickly crawled back under the covers.

Is it over?

New round, new opportunities: episode two aired last night. Has Tina (you can no longer find the fresh viewing figures on Kijkonderzoek.nl these days, but on her ratings juice channel) good news? No, it’s still all terrible. It is so dramatic that she already half accompanies Farmer Wants a Woman to the TV graveyard.

The statement from the country’s leading viewing figures expert is as follows: “The viewing figures from yesterday, Sunday September 24.
Big question: what did Farmer Seeks Woman score? Is its hegemony finally over as the most watched TV program in the Netherlands or was last week just a ‘start-up miss’ because it was the always more boring letter episode?”

Bad again

Tina doesn’t have good news. “Unfortunately the first. Very disappointed and shocked for Yvon Jaspers. Disappointing figures again, this time with 1,447,000 viewers. But slightly higher than last week (then 1,369,000). And so it seems to be definitively over and done with as a hype. The score itself is of course good, but no longer MEGA.”

Is this going after defunct hit shows of the past? Tina seems to be hinting that it is. “Just like The Voice ensured that Idols and Popstars were a ratings hit, Boerzoekt Vrouw has simply been overtaken by B&B Vol Liefde in the dating show field. Suddenly Farmer Seeks Woman feels dated.”


B&B Vol Liefde is simply a more contemporary format, says Tina. “Farmer Seeks Woman has been overtaken by B&B Vol Liefde after 19 years. The Voice had the swivel chairs and really good singers, which suddenly made Idols and Popstars feel hopelessly old-fashioned. B&B Vol Liefde has more diversity, more candidates and more speed.”

That’s every day and without a presenter, so according to Tina it feels more like a soap opera. “Especially that every day instead of once a week, Farmer Wants a Woman seems to be killing it. And suddenly we have to get used to Yvon as a presenter on screen, because we are used to Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte as a voice-over.”

A salient detail from Tina: both B&B Vol Liefde and Boerzoekt Vrouw are made by Blue Circle.


Last week, 568,000 postponed viewers were added to Boerzoekt Vrouw. But then it is still low, says Tina: “The previous season in 2022 had 3.3 million viewers including deferred viewing and the last international season kicked off in 2017, including deferred viewing, with 4.1 million viewers.”

Finally: how did the competition score last night? Linda’s Million Hunt, which showed Winston Gerschtanowitz almost blinding an innocent woman, attracted 1.3 million viewers and Expedition Robinson had 1 million.