It’s a shame in France: Belgium starts on the treatment of mineral water | Inland

Now in France a scandal has been released over the filter treatment, the large groepen zoals Nestlé toepassen on mineral water, Belgium has been slotted into the zelf an derzoek in the places. The RTBF report will be published next day.

“We have raised the Economic Inspection to the next level in the position of the nodige maatregelen te nemen as it was inbreuken vastly gesteld,” declared the cabinet of vice-premier Pierre-Yves Dermagne at the RTBF. The Economic Inspection is responsible for coordinating with the federal government agency FAVV and the FOD Volksgezondheid.

Testaankoop gaat de bevoegde authoriteiten om een ​​otherzoek vragen. “As the illegal practices in the country are visible to Nestlé, the consumers are threatened and the betaald voor mineralwater that geen mineralwater meer was”, aldus de consumerorganisatie.

Nestlé has a packaging factory in Belgium, located in Etalle in the province of Luxembourg. That’s when Valvert noticed he was bidding. At this moment the factory was affected.


Was it over?

In France there is a large area where the Nestlé summer water is treated with ultraviolet radiation and active fuel. The Zwitserse voedingreus deed dat om hun veiligheid voor consumptie te garanderen, maar de regelgeving in France laat dat niet toe. Differently, mineral water has its own properties and is immediately refined and long-lasting.

In Zwitserland, Nestlé has started to operate the alcohol and products in the factory in Henniez, near Lausanne. Volgens the Zwitserse concern hebben “inspanningen om zich aan te suits” ertoe geleid dat thet bedrijf “beschermende maatregelen heeft gemen die niet in overeenstemming zijn met de regelgeving voor mineralwater in Zwitserland”. Het bedrijf shows altijd de bedoeling te hebben gehad om de voedselveiligheid te garanderen.

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