Enrico Lettathe leader of Italian Democratic Party (P.S.), took out this Friday all its artillery as a last try to stop the advance of the right-wing coalition, favorite in the intention to vote in the tense elections this Sunday. With a brief closing statement full of simple slogans, Letta has accused his political rivals of being “a retrograde right & rdquor; who wants to make Italy regress in rights and freedoms. “We have carried out an electoral campaign talking about the Italy of the future. They talk about things from the past & rdquor ;, she has said.

    With this starting point, the progressive began his speech in which he asked lower taxes for workers, while he has criticized his rivals’ proposal to carry out the so-called ‘flat tax’, a rate that means “helping the rich & rdquor ;, as he has stated. Immediately afterwards, Letta has criticized the right for its refusal to grant citizenship to foreign minors born or raised in Italy before the age of 12, and who have studied in the transalpine country.

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    “It is shameful. There are athletes who are not white or Arian, but they have won medals for this country & rdquor ;, he said, intentionally using the racist language that progressives attribute to the Italian right. In this line, Letta has also rejected criticism “against science & rdquor; of Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy, who on Thursday criticized the health model carried out so far to combat the pandemic.

    With this, the progressive also has branded the right as “denier & rdquor; on the climate crisis. “The guys from Friday For Future are right to protest and they have to do it more & rdquor ;, she has argued, also defending the European Union (EU). “¡Just criticize the EU!& rdquor ;, he has sustained. “Our effort does not end this Friday, it begins these days & rdquor ;, she added, with a phrase that seemed a warning to his rivals politicians that it will continue to carry out initiatives that contrast its activities. “From Spain, all the encouragement, so that the progressive alternative that you, Enrico, represent, win in the elections in Italy & rdquor ;, has predicted Pedro SanchezPresident of the Spanish Government.