Italian (conf.): “Shameful attack on Bianco. Castrovilli slowly to 100%”

Italian’s words at the press conference

In the post match of Sivasspor-Fiorentina, the Viola coach Vincenzo Italian commented on the Viola’s move to the next round at the press conference: “White? There’s nothing to comment on, shameful stuff because the boy didn’t expect such a thing either and now he’s in the locker room with a broken nose. This ruins a match won. I’m happy with what I saw, today we showed we can recover the result in a stadium like this against a team that wanted to beat us. We did it by not distorting our game, we are proud.

Difficulty? They could have been there, the stadium was hot and pushed their players, it was okay to suffer their vehemence. The goal was incredible, then we were good at reacting right away and in the second half I saw the lads concentrated on a very bad pitch, putting the situation right.

Dead balls? We knew we could beat many, they are tried and tested solutions, in the second half I saw great personalities, I’m happy. We have prepared the race down to the smallest detail, taking care of everything and making ourselves ready for battle. We cared about qualifying, we are proud: now we are waiting for our opponent. Castrovilli? His injury was bad, as was the relapse to his calf: he must feel calm and serene, we have faith in lkui, little by little we will restore him to 100% and when I use him for 10/15 minutes he must be ready to respond. Everyone must be ready, like Ranieri today, I’m proud of the mentality acquired by the boys”.