“It won’t open, let me out”

Arto Nyberg’s program started with a surprise.

The first episode of Arto Nyberg’s program was seen 20 years ago. Over

Arto Nyberg’s The talk show’s 20th anniversary broadcast started on Sunday evening with a surprise. At the beginning, you hear a clatter and a shout “hey, it won’t open, let me out, the program is starting!”

Arto Nyberg was not seen in the presenter’s chair at the beginning of the program, but a guest of the program, a former member of parliament, an actor Pirkka-Pekka Petelius.

– There has been a bit of confusion regarding the program here. Namely, the cunning producer camped Arto in that dressing room in order to get the host himself to be interviewed for his own program for once, now it will happen, Petelius said at the beginning of the program.

– That’s a joke, Nyberg said after sitting down in the interviewee’s place.

Petelius was a guest on the first Arto Nyberg program seen 20 years ago, but now he was at the interviewer’s side.

Petelius asked Nyberg how it feels to sit in the interviewee’s chair and if he has been in that place before.

– I have not been in a situation like this, where someone comes and steals my chair, Nyberg answered.

Pirkka-Pekka Petelius was both the program’s interviewer and guest. Jenni Gästgivar

Nyberg said that the program was not even his own idea in the beginning. There was a producer behind Ida Kari Kyrönseppä, who 20 years ago suggested Nyberg a Sunday night talk show. At that time, Nyberg had done morning shows.

– Well, what’s the matter, you can try it, Nyberg had answered.

Later in the program, Nyberg assumed his familiar role as an interviewer, and started interviewing Petelius.

– Is it easier to be this way than the other way around, Nyberg said, and asked what Petelius is doing these days.

– I’m sitting here being tested, Petelius answered with a laugh.

Arto Nyberg talks about his alternative career path if he were not a journalist. Video from summer 2022. Mikko Huisko