Istanbul Textile Association Updates Sustainability Guide; starts Texhibition Memorial Forest

The Guide to Sustainability in the Textile Industry, published by the Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (İTHİB) in 2022, has recently been updated.

It was created to ensure that the textile industry supports the sustainability vision and increases its competencies in all its sub-sectors such as yarn, fabrics, knits/wovens, dyeing/finishing and apparel. Accordingly, specific sustainability priorities and indicators to be followed were established for the textile industry, culminating in the Action Plan for Sustainability in the Textile Industry. It assesses the risks and opportunities that arise or could arise for Turkey in international trade in relation to climate change and sustainability.

As announced by İTHİB on Monday, the guide has been expanded to include a section on “Sustainability-oriented EU regulations”. This new section discusses the EU’s recent sustainability regulations, particularly in relation to the textile industry, and the EU Green Deal.

This is a series of strategies that support Europe’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 55 percent by 2030 and becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. He focuses on addressing major climate issues such as global warming as well as the sustainability of water resources. The Green Deal designed the Marginal Carbon Regulation to prevent carbon leakage and ensure that this process is taken over by commercial actors.

New Texhibition Memorial Forest dedicated

İTHİB representatives at the new Texhibtion Memorial Park. Image: İTHİB

With this in mind, the fabric, textiles and accessories trade fair Texhibition Istanbul recently planted 10,000 seedlings in the newly established Texhibition Memorial Forest on behalf of the trade fair participants.

“The Turkish textile industry, which is at the forefront with its dynamic success in production and export, is also characterized by the awareness it has of sustainability, energy efficiency, the zero-waste principle, the recycling approach and its contribution to the circular economy creates global trade,” says a press release.

“In order to contribute to a sustainable future, Texhibition Istanbul once again demonstrates its commitment to the principle of sustainability with the planting of seedlings in the Texhibition Memorial Forest, which it will organize every year on behalf of the participating companies,” it said in the message further.