Israeli troops surround and attack hospitals in northern Gaza

During this week, Israeli troops have been advancing towards the center of Gaza City, with the clear intention of reaching theAl Shifa Hospital, considered the main health center in the Strip. Finally, early this Friday morning the Israeli Army accomplished its objective with a direct attack to the hospital complex, causing 13 dead and dozens injuredas reported by the Gaza Government Communication Officecontrolled by the Islamist group Hamas.

Furthermore, some israeli tanks have changed location and have surrounded the children’s hospitals of Al Rantisi and Al Naser. This situation has caused thousands of patients, medical personnel and displaced people They are trapped inside hospitals without water or food and exposed to death at any moment, according to the enclave’s health spokesperson.

Israel’s justification for these attacks is that the military center and the underground infrastructure Hamas headquarters are located beneath and around the Al Shifa hospital, where the Jewish army says heavy fighting is taking place as troops push deeper into Gaza City. Both doctors and human rights groups have denounced these weeks the Israeli bombings in the vicinity of hospitals, where many of the victims also take refuge. internally displaced of the Strip.

“Great catastrophe”

“Israel is committing a crime against hospitals and medical personnel. It began by preventing the entry of fuel and medical supplies, and today it ends directly attacking hospitals with fire and bombing, as it did at dawn with several Gaza hospitals,” he declared. the Minister of Health of the Palestinian National Authority, Mai al Kaila, who warned of the “great catastrophe.”

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Many of the hospitals in the enclave have suffered material damage and damage by the attacks, and now at least 18 of some 35 hospitals are out of operation due to the lack of fuel due to the almost total Israeli siege that restricts access to gasoline. Furthermore, the director of Al Shifa hospital, Mohamed Abu Shelmeyahhas assured that at least 25 people have died in an attack with missiles and artillery shells against the Al Buraq school of Gaza City, where hundreds of civilians who have lost their homes are taking refuge.

In Gaza, Palestinians killed by bombings number more than 10,800 since the war began on October 7, when Hamas carried out a strong attack that caused more than 1,400 deaths in Israel, and also took some 240 hostages to Gaza.