Israel demarcates a “humanitarian zone” in southern Gaza before the arrival of Joe Biden

The Israeli Army this Wednesday delimited a “humanitarian zone” in it southern Gaza stripcalling on the inhabitants of the north of the enclave to evacuate to that point, hours before the arrival of the US President Joe Biden in the middle of the war between Jewish state and the Islamist group Hamas.

“Israel Security Forces ask Gaza residents to evacuate to the humanitarian zone of Al Mawasi, in which international humanitarian aid will be provided as necessary,” said a spokesperson for the Israeli Army. “It is recommended to evacuate to open areas in the west of Khan Younis, in the Al Mawasi area”, next to the Mediterranean, he stressed.

The announcement came hours before Biden’s arrival in Israel, and a day after at least 500 Palestinians were killed during a bombing of a hospital in Gaza City, for which Israel and Palestinian militias blame each other.


This event, which involves the largest massacre in the enclave of the five wars that have taken place between the Palestinian militias in Gaza and Israel since 2008, has been harshly criticized by the international community – including the United States – and ignited fury in the occupied West Bank and the foreigner.

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For several days, Israel has ordered the evacuation of northern Gaza while its bombing has not stopped in the Palestinian enclave and it is preparing for the possibility of a ground incursion. But The evacuation of 1.1 million Gazans, half of the enclave’s population, has been extremely difficult taking into account the danger and damage to the routes, as well as a fuel shortage crisis and the total cutoff of electricity, water and food following the cessation of the supply of these services by Israel. In addition, Hamas has tried to prevent its civilians from evacuating.

Despite international efforts, the Rafah border crossing, between Gaza and Egypt, where numerous trucks with humanitarian aid are waiting for permission to enter. Israel and Hamas enter this Wednesday their twelfth day of war, which has left at least 3,000 dead and 12,500 injured in the Gaza Strip and more than 1,400 dead and more than 4,200 injured in Israel.