Israel attacks Syria as hundreds of Palestinians barricade themselves in Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque

He israeli army attacked the positions of the southern syria with artillery and drones from the border. It is the response to the six rockets that were launched on Saturday from that area for the first time since 2019, three of which crossed into Israeli territory. The onslaught comes two days after Palestinian militias launched about thirty projectiles from the south of the Lebanon and more than a dozen since the Gaza border in response to the raid on the Al Aqsa mosque, in the occupied east of Jerusalem and in the middle of Ramadan, the attack on tourists in Tel Aviv and the murder of two Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank on Good Friday, events that represent the further escalation of tension in middle east since 2006.

Israel also announced the deployment of the Army through the streets. That didn’t stop 250,000 people come out to protest against the judicial reform promoted by the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition, hundreds of Palestinian faithful have spent the night from Saturday to Sunday entrenched in the area of ​​the Jerusalem Mosques, sacred to both Muslims as for the Jews. They have not been evicted by the Israeli security forces as on previous occasions, since the Foreign Ministry of Jordanthe country in charge of the administration of the Esplanade, warns of “catastrophic consequences“If they act.

The firing of missiles towards the golan heights, Syrian territory occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six-Day War, is not common, but the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Lebanese television Al Mayadeen. “The Israeli Armed Forces see the State of Syria as responsible for all activities that occur within its territory and will not allow any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty,” said the Israeli Army after its armed response, a country that maintains strong hostility. with the Syrian regime Bashar al Assadalso an ally of Iran.

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Specifically, “Israeli warplanes attacked additional targets on Syrian territory, including a military complex of the Fourth Division of the Armed Forces, military radar systems and artillery posts used,” an Israeli military spokesman said in a statement. According to Syrian media, there were explosions near Damascusattacks that are common in recent years and that Israel has intensified in the last month, the most recent this Tuesday in the suburbs of the capital, which left two civilians dead.

Israel also responded on Friday with another exchange of missile fire at Hamas both in the Gaza Strip and in southern Lebanon, from where the biggest attack on that border in 17 years was carried out, when Israeli troops waged a month-long war with the Lebanese Shiite group hezbollahan ally of its enemy Iran.