Isabelle Huppert: the new haircut with romantic bangs

THESabelle Huppert is one of the great protagonists of Cannes 76, where she shows off new super cool variations of her haircut. Increasingly shorter, but still romantic and luminous to the bitter end.

Isabelle Huppert’s new romantic cut

After years of long and sinuous hair, the header during the last Milan Fashion Week had amazed everyone. But the talented protagonist of Elle And The pianist it keeps the attention of the fans hooked even now. With the continue hair styling experiments that he shows off on the most prestigious red carpets. Like that of the “Kering Women in Motion Award” event staged in the heart of the French film festival a few nights ago.

The curly and soft fringe

For the occasion, the French star chooses a very chaste total black outfit, which acquires verve regardless thanks to the hair: short but with great character. The hairstyle instantly scales years to her face with his soft and light texturebut above all thanks to the detail of the fringe. Longer on the sides and shorter on the forehead, with a curly movement cheeky and romantic.

Isabelle Huppert, look and style of the French diva who loves tuxedos

The hair dye rouge bright

Also making the scene is the hair dye of the actress born in 1953, which remains faithful to its natural color ginger red, but lightens it by a few semi-tones with a very refined monovolume effect. From roots to ends, i honey blonde and amber reflections brighten up the look with the help of eye-catching heart drop earrings. But also thanks to evening makeup delicate with strategic decisive accents.

Cannes, May 21, 2023. The French actress at the “Kering Women in Motion Award” event. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Lightweight makeup that rejuvenates

The 70-year-old muse of Balenciaga she is very careful not to weigh down the skin with the foundation, which is applied in certain targeted areas and reveals the very clear original complexion. The eyebrows, slightly darker in color than the fringe, form a discreet frame for the eye make-up. A veil of orange bronze eyeshadow nuanced and false eyelashes only on the outer corners.

The choice of lipstick is very modern, one brick red shade creamy gloss applied on the margins. While the center of the lips is almost transparent, a detail that adds freshness to the look in the key moment of the smile.