GTST’s Bing and Nina have Senseo device: ‘This is really not possible’

It is thoughtless and ridiculous that the makers of Good Times Bad Times have placed a coffee pad machine in the kitchen of characters Bing and Nina, says media journalist Jef Willemsen.


Good Times Bad Times is an expensive production for RTL 4 and that is why the soap opera works with product placement. That is when branded products or logos are deliberately shown in scenes to advertise. One of the brands that is advertised in this way are the Senseo coffee pods.

Coffee purists

Coffee pods are small discs made of paper or filter material that are filled with ground coffee. They are used in coffee makers, such as the Senseo, in which they are placed to make individual cups of coffee. It is primarily a convenient and quick way to brew coffee, but it is detested by coffee purists.

Discerning coffee aficionados prefer traditional brewing methods, stating that coffee pods offer a less intense flavor or aroma compared to freshly ground coffee. Precisely for that reason, according to media journalist Jef Willemsen, it is completely ill-considered that the makers of GTST have put the Senseo in the kitchen at Bing and Nina.

Chicken tonight

Bing and Nina are really the last ones who should have such a device in their home, says Jef. “It’s great that the soap is sponsored by Senseo, but you don’t put such a coffee pad machine at Bing and Nina, do you? It is precisely these luxury cats who own catering establishments full of baristas and designer coffee.” he tweets.

According to Jef, it is very thoughtless that the screenwriters choose this. It has clearly been looked at too commercially, he says. “What’s next? Ludo loves it Chicken tonight?”


The observant viewer Lianne says that this is not the first time. “More like Cup-a-soup,” she writes.

Jeff missed that. “Has it already passed? I hadn’t noticed that. It also does not detract from the series and those advertisements are now a lot less disturbing than before. Do we remember when Nina launched her own clothing line for WE Fashion? Strange days indeed.”

Bing and Nina are played by Everon Jackson Hooi and Marly van der Velden.