Is Youtube allowed to do this? Introduced an unprecedented punishment

Google, which owns YouTube, is more strict than before with users of browser add-ons that block ads. The punishment for using ad blockers can be a miserable YouTube user experience. However, Google has denied claims that the most recent slowdowns are its own doing.

If you use browser add-ons that block ads, your YouTube viewing experience may be impaired. Adobe Stock

9to5Google’s According to the YouTube user experience, efforts have been made to weaken some users who use ad-blocking add-ons in their browsers.

Users of ad blockers may notice, for example, that videos or the entire platform load slower. According to Google, the purpose is to encourage users to turn off ad blockers.

Some users have also been shown messages telling them that using ad blockers violates YouTube’s terms of use.

According to 9to5Google, the user’s only options are to disable the ad blocker or pay for ad-free YouTube Premium.

Google commented

Although Google has previously admitted that the YouTube user experience may be weaker for those using ad blockers, it has denied that this is the cause of YouTube’s latest slowdowns.

– The recent observations of YouTube slowing down are not related to our efforts to identify ad blockers, a Google representative said.

Source: 9to5Google, Android Central