IS: Wilma Murto is open about her surprise divorce

Wilma Murto talks about her feelings after the break-up in an interview with IS.

Pole vault star Wilma Murto told Iltalehte on the red carpet of the Sports Gala in January that she broke up with her boyfriend Jaakko from Linkoheimo.

The couple, who have been together for several years, represented only one month before the gala together at Linna’s party and at the Athletics Gala in October.

Now Murto tells for IS about his feelings after the breakup.

– The night of the castle celebrations was nice. It was just as much fun there as it looked, Murto tells IS.

– Whether it’s sports or private life, you can’t imagine getting any kind of overall picture of another person’s life through the media, he continues.

Important competitions ahead

In the evening, the pole vault star will fight for the WC medals on the indoor tracks in Glasgow. In the summer, Murto will defend his EC gold in Rome and then go on a medal hunt at the Paris Olympics.

According to Murro, the separation will affect his career.

– Life happens, no matter what year it is. Olympics or not. Other big things happen in life without looking at the calendar. In a certain way, the difference is no more than any other matter of private life, he tells IS.

Murto tells IS that he doesn’t have a new partner. He has received support from his relatives.

– I feel that I have always had a strong safety net and still do. I have people to lean on, he says.

Murto and Linkoheimo represented together again at Linna’s party in 2023. Jenni Gästgivar