Is this the most special apartment building in Finland? We will dismantle soon

The doors are not locked in Tupsula and the stairwell is decorated with a toilet bowl.

In the yard, there is a private pool where the residents of Tupsula bathe. Most of them are men. Over

In the short documentary of the Friday talk show 42 people as a room let’s visit a very extraordinary apartment building.

Tupsula is a community of 42 teekers, where the doors are not locked. The previous motto of the residents of the apartment building in Tampere was “sauna, booze and sex”. Nowadays, the motto is “home, not to the room”.

The apartments are also named. For example Antti Kemppi lives in a home called Full Box Gambinaa. Someone else’s mailbox says We Come in Peace instead of their last name, and the third’s Voimaleintarha. The fourth address is Kaljakilparata.

The interior is also different from the usual, like Noora Haapaniemi control indicates. The hallway is decorated with a toilet stall, and the yard is decorated with a terrace on the roof of the bus stop.

– As long as the load-bearing structures of the house are not damaged, you have the power to make any kind of decoration or other small modifications, Antti explains.

The community spirit in Tupsula is looking for its equals. Ilari Peltomäki and Waltteri Lahti / General

In Tupsula, we have coffee, sow water in hand, lower the stairs with a stick, sing in karaoke Let It Goyard games are played and various events are organized, such as outdoor concerts.

Soon the tea makers still have to give up their homes.

– Our beloved concrete cube is getting old. It will be dismantled at some point.

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