Is there more or less nightlife? The Gulf Triangle adds 3 ‘discos’ and 14 music bars, after losing 23

Calculator in hand, the Barcelona nightlife rebels against pressure municipal that say they suffer in areas such as the so-called Gulf Triangle of Poblenou, subject to an anti-noise plan and close control after repeated complaints from the neighborhood. The sector association Fecalon has made a study of the current nightlife offer and its evolution, with the conclusion that the range of venues is much lower than the alleged demand of night owls, taking into account that currently the district of Sant Marti addition three nightclubs and 14 music bars, with a Joint capacity for 3,665 people. The employers affirm that since the late 1980s there has been a trickle of voluntary closures or seals that now add up to 23 less locations. He fears that the municipal offensives, which he sees as “abusive and disproportionate”, will force even more closures.

From Fecalon they emphasize that the population of the district, some 221,000 peopleadded to the adjoining districts with hardly any nightlife, and the tourist influx of the city, make the nightlife options completely insufficient in a large sector of the city, which is why they claim “the urgent need for new establishments to satisfy the demand”.

Periphery without dance

Thus, they emphasize that in Sant Andreu and Nou Barris nor there is only one nightclub, while in Horta-Guinardor there is only one small nightclub, so that the four districts add up to 730,000 residents with a minimal offer to go out at night in Sant Martí, or destined to go to Ciutat Vella and the Eixample, which also accommodate clientele from the metropolitan area and tourists. Based on the report to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access, its general secretary, Fernando Martínez, sees “urgent” to implement “measures that revitalize recreational and entertainment activities in Barcelona.” He adds that “the lack of premises “Not only does it affect the quality of life of the residents, but it also has implications for neighborhood coexistence, economic and cultural conditions for the city.”

In this way, while once again advocating for new openings in agreed areas, he demands that the current ones be “preserved”, to end the “gap” between reality and the capacity of the current rooms. he argument.

Fecalon was very critical of the Poblenou anti-noise plan, considering that it criminalized the operators and that the measurements had not been done adequately. He too Restoration Guild He questioned whether the municipal measures fully affected the terraces in that hot area, without addressing the problem of drinking and incivility on public roads. But the council was thus responding to historical neighborhood complaints about problems with night rest in the busy leisure area. As of November, the noise seems to have subsided with the first package of actions.

The intense inspections in the area that the city council carried out last week (with 120 inspectors) have heated things up even more. However, yesterday the council lifted the seal (precautionary cessation) that weighs on the Dixi nightclub, which has been able to reopen.

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Thus, the current census of its night route is made up of three nightclubs (Wolf, RAZZ, and Vault (formerly Mephisto), plus 14 cocktail bars or music bars: Coyote, Dixi, Ceferino, La Ovella Negra, Airbag, Sidoni, Tekila, Sonora, Volt, D9, Open, Bb+, Hijos de Caín y Raven.

Against “disproportionate” inspections

The employers condemn that the sector has “again been stigmatized and pointed out” as the main security problem in the city. On the other hand, they believe that this regulated activity contributes to the solution of problems of “improper use of public roads and insecurity.” They criticize the council for ““focus their efforts on a persecution that negatively affects business owners and workers in the sector.”. Martínez points out that these are concerned about “abusive and disproportionate inspections” and “the lack of legal security and the large investments in compliance with regulations.