The former striker has shown a clear desire to return, but for now no one is moving from the purple management. The ex, however, bless his return: “Favorable, but only with a defined operational role”

    Gabriel Batistuta had launched his candidacy for a managerial role in the Viola club through the Gazzetta: «I believe that Fiorentina needs a charismatic figure, like Zanetti at Inter or Maldini at Milan. A new adventure? I am ready, so far there has never been the possibility of returning ».

    Ranieri and Bati teamed up in Fiorentina which won the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup in 1996. “Gabriel is a charismatic boy, I obviously say yes to his eventual return. At the time he was followed and much loved, he remained very attached to the city , everyone knows. As seriousness and as a man of reference I can assure you too. Then, however, it would be up to him and the president Commisso to study what role and dimension to attribute to him within the club. Maldini at Milan, for example, has decision-making power on building the team: I don’t know if it could be replied to Fiorentina, obviously it depends on what the president thinks and what Bati thinks he has. They should find a role that suits both of them. He was the representative of the team in everything the world, Fiorentina’s flagship. I would be absolutely in favor of having him back in the club, as I generally agree on having great former champions in organization chart of companies. Flags are needed at all levels: the city and the team certainly “.

    The purple flag par excellence is one, Giancarlo Antognoni, former captain and Unico 10. He was also in the club with the current ownership, before a stormy breakup. Now he turns to his friend Gabriel: “He said something right and legitimate, even if among the great flags of the Italian clubs he mentioned Maldini, Zanetti, Totti, first Facchetti, but not me … I’m sorry, but I say it without controversy , indeed, if he came back I would be happy. One like that in Florence is missing, before I was there and now I am no longer. Bati is rightfully running “. Antognoni was not just an image: he was technical, scouting competence. “I had done it many years before, if Gabriel knows the players, especially the younger ones, I don’t know, he should be asked. I know that I had the respect of all Fiorentina players, many asked me for advice. For Batistuta it could be the same. And then there is the city and the whole part relating to relationships: you act as a representative towards the fans. I obviously remain in favor of the presence of the great exes in the club but at the basis of everything there must be room for maneuver, he, like the others, must have a role in which operations are guaranteed “.

    Fiorentina fans still dream of that fantastic couple: the B&B company, Batistuta-Baiano. Understanding, entertainment, industrial production of goals. Ciccio has a smile in his words: “Yes, we were a beautiful couple, even off the pitch. We were always together with families. Inside, I made myself available because I immediately understood that he was one who would have made us win many games” . When they can, the two are still a couple. “I was with him a week ago, we played padel. And, obviously, we talked about the old days”. Even new ones, apparently. “He mentioned his desire to join the club, we have often talked about it. And I am super in favor: he has given so much to Fiorentina. In the meantime, he would bring prestige and prestige and be able to do the work that Zanetti does at Inter. But it is necessary to understand what his real intentions are: I think he would like an important role, that he can have an impact. This is why I see it difficult. But he would be a great resource for the viola, even if only for his advice to the various Jovic, Cabral and the young players. the figures that the players listen to most are those of the champions. In short, a bit like Zanetti and Maldini do with Inter and Milan players. “

    From flag to flag. Gianni De Magistris, the Maradona of water polo and purple fan, supports Batistuta’s idea of ​​returning to Fiorentina. “I think only well, I would be very supportive. Bati is an important, beloved person who made the history of the company. It would be a great acquisition. Then we should see what role he would cover”. Already, active or representative? De Magistris has clear ideas. “Gabriel could be a very significant figure even just in terms of image. Flags are always needed within a club and there are many of them I think in the big ones. And when I see these former champions in their old team I like it, because they have knowledge of the environment and the world of football. It seems to me that many work, from Zanetti, to Nedved to Maldini who was out of Milan for a long time but then came back great helping the new owners especially on an active level. ” The lion king could perhaps with some “roar” awaken the attack that does not engage, the Viola’s problem … De Magistris laughs: “Here, he could awaken Jovic. stimuli and valuable advice. Oh, then if you can’t, he can always play. “