Is Angela de Jong going too far about Gordon? ‘It’s so ugly of her’

Has Angela de Jong gone too far with bashing Gordon after his comeback? He himself thinks so. “I just find that painful. Why are you driving someone even further into the ground?”


Gordon hates many people in the Dutch media, but Angela de Jong is guaranteed to be in his top five. The fallen singer is disgusted with the AD opinion diva and vice versa she is also tired of him, for example when he gave his controversial interview in Casa di Beau. In it, Goor bashed his ex and revealed his own suicide attempts.

Goor angry at Angela

Does something like that arouse pity in Angela? No absolutely not. “It really annoys me when I see him somewhere and see him completely empty about his own troubles and how pathetic he is… Also trying to arouse people’s sympathy again by telling them that you have made two suicide attempts …” she fumed.

And it is precisely with these statements that the columnist has gone too far, according to Goor himself. He tells in the Weekendjust before he announced his umpteenth departure from showbiz, that this affected him very much.

‘I find that painful’

It touches Gordon to the depths of his soul. “I find that painful because you insult people who have those thoughts, instead of offering help. You give the final push, so to speak. That’s so ugly. People may rightly say: it is a cry for attention.”

“After all, anyone who has such thoughts seeks help. Why don’t you give help, but rather destroy someone even more? I was lucky that my best friend Patrick helped me.”

Scared and unsafe

According to Gordon, people like Angela should take into account that he comes from a fearful and unsafe situation. “After an interview my ex gave, I received death threats, which is very intense. If you have already experienced things, such as a robbery at home, you immediately feel unsafe again and you become afraid. And that is not a pleasant feeling.”

Finally, Gordon does not want to say anything more about his past collaboration with Gerard Joling. “I won’t answer that, because then there will be so much nonsense. Like then with Yvonne Coldeweijer.”