Amazon Prime Video is already broadcasting some sports. And allegedly the provider not only wants to significantly expand the relevant content, but also bundles it in its own sports app. Various media are currently reporting this. TECHBOOK has checked how true the rumors are.

    Sports fans get their money’s worth from various streaming providers. This is because the services have understood that leagues and competitions work well and have therefore included relevant content in their offerings. Amazon Prime Video also shows live sports, from soccer to American football to winter sports. And that – if there is anything to the current rumors – possibly soon in a separate sports app.

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    Amazon Prime Video sports app coming soon?

    The reports have been circulating since a report by the business portal “the information“, according to which Amazon Prime Video is “discussing” its own sports app. The background is the growth ambitions of CEO Andy Jassy. According to the report, no (official) decision has yet been made. But Jassy thinks introducing a sports-themed app is a good way to make more profit. He recently announced that he would be investing more money in streaming rights for live sports in the near future and doubling the corresponding streaming offer. In other business areas, however, cost-cutting measures are planned.

    What does that mean for customers?

    A separate sports app would mean more clarity for Amazon Prime Video customers. Interested parties could then choose from a bundled offer; for the rest, the content would be a little streamlined. But on the other hand, it would probably have to be assumed that additional costs would also arise with the “gained” service. In other words: that the sports app and its offers are not included in the general Prime subscription and that another one would have to be taken out. Eventually, Amazon Prime Video would also need to recoup the additional spend for more live matches and more league broadcasting.

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    But as I said: The supposed sports app is still a rumor, and Amazon Prime Video has not yet issued an official statement on it. TECHBOOK will keep you up to date on further developments.