Irene Moors appears briefly, immediately criticized: ‘Really annoying’

Irene Moors receives an ugly slap on the fingers from Evert Santegoeds on national television. He’s not exactly looking forward to her comeback. “Those commercials are really annoying!”


Irene Moors’ overconfidence led to the abrupt end of her TV career. For years she formed a successful duo with Carlo Boszhard, but they were last seen together in early 2016 with their Sunday show on RTL 4. Irene was ready for a ‘new challenge’, after which Carlo continued alone at that time.

Irene and Henny

Eight years later, Carlo is an A-star, while Irene is still simmering in a gutter at the Media Park. She is only asked for snacks; Last weekend she presented something about television in the past in Sound and Vision. And also Show news was present.

Presenter Airen Mylene comments after the item: “When I see Irene and Henny Huisman so busy, I miss them a bit. I still see Henny sporadically somewhere, but can Irene also come back sometime with something?”

Very annoying

Colleague Evert Santegoeds does not appear to be particularly enthusiastic. “Well, I think those commercials are enough. God, those are so annoying.”

Evert is referring to the Friends Lottery commercials, in which Irene plays a rather flashy role. Critics like Özcan Akyol believe that celebrities throw away their credibility with these kinds of commercials. And Tina Nijkamp is also extremely critical about it. She thinks celebrities in lottery commercials have a bit of a chance.

‘Come on!’

Airen is shocked by Evert’s fierce words. “Come on!”

Show expert Bart Ettekoven thinks that Irene doesn’t have much to do other than those commercials for the time being. “Obviously we don’t see her at all. After a number of not too successful programs that she presented solo after being that successful duo with Carlo for a long time.”

New season

Now that Irene is so structurally in the abyss, she is apparently clawing back a bit. “Irene said to our reporter today that she does not rule out a new season of the Sunday show with Carlo, so are there discussions with a sponsor again? Carlo and Irene back on TV? Would there still be a market for that?”

Airen: “I think so.”

Star photographer William Rutten: “Everything comes back. Maybe people really like it out of nostalgia.”