Ira Hammermann hosts Huomenta Suomei

Ira Hammermann is one of the new presenters of Huomenta Suomen weekend.

MTV3’s Uutisaamu will be canceled at the beginning of next year and will be replaced by the old Huomenta Suomi, which will also be shown on weekends in the future.

See you tomorrow as Finland’s weekend presenters Joanna Photographer, Aki Linnanahde, Nina and Lorenz Backman, Antero Mertaranta and Ira Hammermann.

Hammermann returns to MTV after 30 years. In 1992, he hosted MTV’s Pori Jazz broadcast from the Cotton Club.

– That’s where my career started, so I’m going back to my roots, Hammermann told MTV’s press conference.

Ira Hammermann has done a lot of charity work for Ukrainians. He reminds that the Ukrainians still need the Finns’ help. Inka Soveri

Hammermann is delighted to have washed Huomenta in Finland.

– I would really like to return to these circles. For four years, I did the program Toivomus for Svenska Yle, and I really enjoyed it. People love stories, nothing is more interesting than the story of a person’s own life. I live from those stories and I believe that stories never die.

Hammermann thinks for a moment about his dream guest Huomenta Suomeen.

– Spouse of the President of the Republic Jenni Haukio could be an interesting guest.

Tomorrow, Hammermann ended up in Finland through Facebook, in a way.

– I happened to see Eeva Lehtimäki (MTV’s head of politics and social media) posted an announcement on the Facebook wall that MTV is looking for new presenters. In the announcement, it was said that the news operation is expanding and new faces are being sought. I was wondering if I should apply. I received background support that of course you apply. I applied and was selected, apparently, Hammermann laughs.

– So roses for Eeva Lehtimäki.

Aki Linnanahde and Ira Hammermann host Huomenta Suomea on weekends. Inka Soveri

There is another big change in Hammermann’s life, as both of his children have moved away from home. The last to leave the nest was the daughter, who moved on her own in the summer.

– The house starts to empty menacingly. However, both children are in close contact with us. My daughter sometimes goes to a night club. This is of course new and different. We’ll get through this, Hammermann laughs.

The renewed Huomenta Suomi starts on MTV3 and Katsomo on January 9. The weekend Huomenta Suomi starts on January 14. See all program information at