Apple has been working on iOS version 16.4 for a long time. Now the iPhone update should appear soon for compatible devices.

    The fourth beta version of iOS 16.4 has been available to registered testers since Wednesday. TECHBOOK has installed the update and shows what innovations it brings.

    What’s new in iOS 16.4?

    With its iPhone operating system, Apple has switched to providing new functions in sub-updates. As a rule, new iOS versions therefore receive around seven to eight updates, which are given as the first number after the point. iOS 16 is now halfway through its product cycle with version 16.4.

    The new beta version contains a lot of smaller features and improvements that users can look forward to soon.

    New emoji

    A total of 31 new emojis come to the iPhone with iOS 16.4. Apple relies on it Emoji version 15.0 um, which the Unicode consortium decided in September 2022. These include a pink heart, moose, gray donkey, jellyfish, goose, ginger and a vibrating head.

    The new emojis in Apple designPhoto: Collage Apple designs / Emojipedia

    Third-party browser websites on the home screen

    Up to now it was only possible with Safari to store a website as quick access on the home screen. After the update to iOS 16.4, this is also possible with other browsers such as Google Chrome. The function can be accessed via the share option in the browser. “Add to home screen” will now appear there.

    Notifications for websites

    On the Mac, browsers have long had the ability to show push notifications when users consent to them. Now Apple is bringing this capability to Safari on the iPhone. Websites that are stored on the home screen can then send notifications like normal apps. A counter showing how many unread messages there are also appears above the icon on the home screen. Focus mode affects dropped websites in the same way as any app that sends notifications.

    New home architecture is back

    Apple originally introduced the upgrade for the Homekit architecture with iOS 16.2, but had to withdraw it due to widespread problems. Now the new architecture is back with iOS 16.4. It is intended to make communication between smart home devices more reliable and efficient.

    Other innovations in iOS 16.4

    • apple books: With iOS 16, Apple had changed the page-turning animation, which had remained virtually unchanged since the app’s early days. Following user complaints, the old animation is now coming back and there are three options to choose from: slide (new), roll up (old), and no animation.
    • AppleMusic: Your own profile can now be accessed more quickly via a new button.
    • AppleCare: Users can now see AppleCare coverage for their devices more quickly in Settings.
    • shortcuts: Apple has added new options for shortcuts, including locking the screen, always-on control, and Siri announcements for notifications.
    • iMessage: The Messages app now previews links pointing to the Mastodon platform.
    • focus mode: There is a new filter for the always-on display.
    • iOS updates: Users who have signed up for the beta versions of iOS can choose whether they only want to install official updates or also beta updates.
    • widgets: iOS 16.4 has a new three-size order tracking widget to track a package from participating retailers.