Several expensive devices for little money: This is what alleged providers of return pallets from the stocks of large internet retailers promise. But there are scammers behind it.

    Pallets with returned electronics are repeatedly offered for sale on social media for little money. The alleged sellers state that the smartphones, consoles, notebooks or televisions are returns or uncollected devices from large, well-known retailers.

    A pallet full of electronics for 30 euros?

    Positive reports including pictures of alleged buyers should serve as proof of successful bargains. But all this is just a windy scam, warns the consumer center in Saxony.

    The said pallets are advertised online at prices starting at 30 euros. If you transfer the money, you usually never hear from the sellers again. Consumer advocates are even aware of a case in which the buyer paid several hundred euros and did not receive any goods. The fraudsters were then no longer reachable via the previously used e-mail address.

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    Low prices should make you suspicious

    The consumer center points out that returned goods from e-commerce are actually sold in pallets, but not to private individuals via social networks, but in large quantities to companies.

    You should be correspondingly skeptical when you come across “disproportionately cheap offers” and generally exercise caution with offers on social networks.