Interzorg in Assen wants to open a new care complex. The healthcare institution has applied for a permit for this. The building will be located next to the current De Slingeborgh building in the Lriks district on Slinge 1.

    According to Elly van der Woude, manager at Interzorg, new construction is necessary in order to be able to support clients in the future to continue their own lives. “As we see throughout the country, many healthcare institutions are being demolished and new ones are being built that fit in with today’s era. The current buildings of De Slingeborgh and Anholt in Assen are outdated and no longer match the requirements and wishes of current people. and future clients.”

    In total, this concerns about 176 apartments and a number of communal areas. That is more space than the current building, which houses a hundred apartments.

    The intention is that the clients of De Slingeborgh will live there. This concerns people with a nursing home indication, such as people with forms of dementia. There will also be new housing for Moluccan elderly people. Local residents will be informed about the plans shortly.