Interview with Hiromi Ueda, global make up artist Armani Beauty

AND in the Parisian backstage of the last Couture fashion show which takes place on our meeting with Hiromi Ueda, new Global Make-up Artist Armani Beauty, light and smiling, but attentive to every detail in adding a personal touch to each model, to make it unique. Then an interview to tell, for the first time, her point of view. At the parade Armani Privé spring/summer 2024 he conceived 94 creations, or perhaps ninety-four dreams. Always bright, thanks also to a surprising, vibrant, original make-up.

The Emporio Armani Autumn-Winter 2024/2025 fashion show at Milan Fashion Week

Hiromi, such beauty, what technological innovation does it imply?

Is in progress an important technological evolution especially in terms of texture. For example, the foundation Power Fabric+ it is transformative: from fluid to powder (“liquid to powder”). It is a fluid foundation that allows you to use very little powder, which we know tends to weigh down the skin and make it appear uneven. Thanks to a product with technology of this type it is possible to obtain a fresh and luminous complexion, but with a matte finish, like an oxymoron. It is an innovation that allows you to enhance natural beauty rather than mask or hide it. It has always been emblematic of this approach Luminous Silk Foundation.

The Armani Privé s/s 2024 show look, with intense and bright colors (© Armani Beauty).

However, color remains the protagonist…

I find a lot the presence of color is significant even in the case of natural make-up. A simple look is not necessarily synonymous with “no make-up”, of absence of color. On the contrary, it is absolutely compatible, especially when using muted shades. Liquid eyeshadows Eye Tint they are the perfect example: available in many shades, ideal for creating a natural but harmonious make-up.

Hiromi Ueda at work backstage at the Armani Privé s/s 2024 fashion show (© Armani Beauty).

So do you intend to create other shades?

I believe there is an opportunity to expand the current range with new colors. For spring I would like to work on a broader color palette.

A “hot” comment on the make-up of the Armani Privé fashion show

The collection is really very expressive, so I used makeup colors similar to those of the clothes, such as pastel blue and pink. As for the latter, I chose to apply it to the center of the eyelid and on the eyebrows, to make the whole look more playful. Thus was born a mood which, especially in its shapes, is inspired by the 1920s.

What inspired you, what were the starting points?

I received a moodboard with some images from the maison. Starting from those, I started to structure the make up and create a my time sketches and then computer images. I submitted some proposals to Mr. Armani and on the day of the fitting we created four different make-ups on models who then wore the clothes from the collection. It was important that the make-up conveyed the same message as the clothes.

The Mr Armani has very clear ideas about what works best and he sent very precise instructions. Working with him is fantastic. It is essential to test the runway make-up against the lights, which have a strong impact. It often happens that given the makeup on the catwalk, it must be modified to get the right performance under the spotlight. It also happens that you have to create colors that are not present in the collection. In this case we use pigments that the laboratories make available to us. They are colors that are created backstage, ad hoc for the show.

Armani Beauty “Eye Tint Petrol” liquid eyeshadow

Let’s go back to the fundamentals… The base?

It’s very important. A perfect product it is Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancera liquid highlighter that can be used in many ways: before or after foundation to create highlights, or mixed with foundation for a luminous complexion and a skin finish that recalls the effect of dew.

Backstage at the Armani Privé s/s 2024 fashion show (© Armani Beauty).

And the mascara?

I really love volumizing mascara Eyes To Kill, which also exists in a waterproof version, for a more lasting effect. I would like to develop colored mascaras. The eyelashes from the Armani Privé show, for example, were blue, but in this case we used pigments.

A model applies “Lip Power” lipstick, comfortable, light and long-lasting for lips (© Armani Beauty).

How do you consider the connection between make up and hairstyle?

I find that even the hairstyles, especially the updos, recall the Winds. But I believe that the element of greatest continuity between hair & make up is represented by the play of textures. The collection includes hats and accessories which, reflecting the light, interact with the matte finish of the hairstyles, creating astonishing material effects.

Even in the make up I alternated matte and bright shades. On the lips I wanted to create a multidimensional effect using two different lipstick textures. I applied Lip Masterwhich has a matte finish, while in the center a touch of was enough Lip Powerfor a brighter and silkier effect. All the runway looks