Intersport Germany wants to make its headquarters climate-friendly

The trading association Intersport Deutschland eG wants to make the energy supply to its headquarters in Heilbronn more climate-friendly.

The company is investing up to ten million euros “in the renovation of around 20,000 square meters of roof area and in the installation of photovoltaic systems,” Intersport Deutschland announced on Monday.

Image: Intersport Germany

Photovoltaic modules are currently being gradually installed on various parts of the building and on a neighboring open space, according to a statement. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Lars Sommer, head of location management and sustainability at Intersport Germany, explained the goals of the ongoing measures: “After the photovoltaic systems have been commissioned in all four construction phases, according to the current planning status, we expect to generate around two million kWh of self-produced solar power annually,” he explained in a statement. “This means we can cover a large part of our energy needs at headquarters.”