The former Lazio central silenced the skeptics and momentarily ousted De Vrij from the center of the Nerazzurri defense. Against Roma, barring last minute second thoughts, he will still be in charge of the department

    A scarce month and 169 minutes of play to overturn the opinions (of the fans) and the hierarchies. A small feat, the one accomplished by Francesco Acerbi, who passed within 29 days from a simple “patch” to (probable) holder at the center of the Nerazzurri defense for a challenge that can serve as a crossroads for the entire season, the one against Mourinho’s Roma . Yes, because, unless there are last-minute second thoughts, the blue should still be at the center of the defense from the start for the third time in the last four outings. Too much to be considered a reinforcement, also given the specific weight of the games played, but also too little to certify a sort of handover between the Lombard and De Vrij, the defensive leader of the last three seasons. Right now, however, Acerbi is at the top of Inzaghi’s preferences.


    Having landed in Milan at the last minute, on the last day of the transfer market and only thanks to the insistence of the coach, Acerbi rolled up his sleeves without listening to the attacks of a supporter, the Nerazzurri, hostile from the very first hour. Most of the Nerazzurri people did not forgive him that smile captured by the cameras after the knockout against Milan last season, key in the Rossoneri’s ride towards the title to the detriment of Inter (subsequently defeated by Bologna). Yet, the 34-year-old from Vizzolo Predabissi preferred to respond on the pitch rather than in words. He did it with a capital test in Plzen, where Inter had the imperative to make a full booty and where he turned out to be the man with the most balls played. He reiterated it later with 79 ‘flawlessly in Udine, holding up a defense that was wrecked a few minutes after replacing him. Then the two personality tests in the Azzurri shirt against England and Hungary, the latter only for a while before making room for another Nerazzurri, Bastoni. Result: detractors silenced and placed as a starter in the Nerazzurri shirt there at hand.


    On the other hand, the certainly unhappy moment that De Vrij is going through (also benched in the national team by Van Gaal in the last two outings) further increases the prices of an Acerbi who instead has so far shown himself to be safe, loaded and always on the piece. . The ex from Lazio certainly did not deserve space for the simple fact of being a “protégé” of Inzaghi, who coached him in Rome for many years. On the contrary, he did it thanks to the tests in Plzen and Udine, restoring solidity and safety to the department. But now there is one last obstacle to overcome in order to really conquer everyone: Acerbi only needs the test bench at San Siro, his new home, where he will still find the last skeptics. Roma, according to the indications provided by Inzaghi in the last training sessions, could be the occasion for that last exam still pending. Acerbi is looking forward to it.