Inter, Inzaghi, the numbers and the comparison with Mourinho, Trapattoni and…

With Genoa he scores round numbers in Serie A: he has the highest points average and the best percentage in history. And today the second star may be closer


March 4, 2024 (changed at 09:18) – MILAN

Simone Inzaghi was a boy and was certainly not the Demon of Piacenza when he saw Giovanni Trapattoni’s Inter making history. Thirty-five years later he took the pen in his hand and started writing down one chapter after another. It’s becoming a best seller, this Inter, a novel that you don’t get tired of reading and wait for the next page, then the one after that, the one after that. Tonight Simone can fly to +15 on Juventus and accelerate the countdown towards triumph even further. Meanwhile, he is already beyond that legendary Trap today. He who with the 1988-89 scudetto won 85.2% of the points available in the championship, the highest percentage in Nerazzurri history. This team is higher up here, traveling faster: 69 points taken home out of 78 total, i.e. 88.4%.


Inzaghi takes everything, not just the scudetto. He gets points and applause, waiting for the tricolor triangle that will definitively take him into another dimension. Today he will toast bench number 300 in Serie A. And among the coaches who have reached that milestone, no one has won as much as him, currently at 178, while Ancelotti (172) and Allegri (171) stopped a little earlier. Simone runs, the scudetto is his goal because it would / will also erase the regrets linked to the past, his but above all those of those who – out of time – still put them at the top of the coach’s CV. Inzaghi averages 2.65 points per game in this tournament: the projection says 100 points, triple figures, just a tad below the 102 points set as a record by Antonio Conte with Juventus. For goodness sake, it remains a statistic. But it also serves as a further stimulus for Lautaro and his teammates.


Furthermore, Inzaghi has worked a lot on the psychological aspect this week. He has repeatedly reiterated to the team the need to push further, touching on two concepts: the first, also expressed publicly after the victory over Atalanta, namely that the speed with which Inter took the lead in the standings is the same speed with which opponents can try to reduce that gap. Hard to believe, honestly, after Juventus’ defeat yesterday. The second concept, much more linked to current events: it is not right to think about Atletico Madrid. But even if you want to set your sights on the Champions League, the best way to approach Europe is to keep up the pace both from a physical and mental point of view. It would be wrong from a European perspective to pull the plug on the championship, because then suddenly plugging it back in wouldn’t be a simple exercise. “We want to continue on this path because we know that the end of the season is still far away and we will have to move forward showing the same race and determination in the future too,” Inzaghi confirmed to Inter TV. Last year, Spalletti’s Napoli won the scudetto with a 16-point advantage over second place: this Inter can also break down that wall. This same Inter is going faster even than the dream of its fans, which is to win the title on the 33rd day in the derby against Milan: by continuing like this, who knows whether Inzaghi won’t already show up dressed to the nines for that match, with the second star on display.


An additional reason for pride for the coach, who among the coaches with at least 100 Nerazzurri benches is the one who, including cups, has the best points average in history: 2.17. More than Mourinho, Conte, Herrera and Mancini. Inzaghi has gone beyond himself. And he did it by combining results with an entertaining game that has never been the main characteristic of winning Inter. What do you remember about this team? The 69 points scored so far, of course. But it’s not the first answer. It’s not how much. It’s how he made them, the points. It is in the show almost always guaranteed to its fans, it is a perfect and harmonious combination that can be read in the eyes of the protagonists, it is in the feeling with the people. Those people who will once again exceed 70 thousand spectators tonight. The sold out events have already guaranteed 80 million euros in gross proceeds for the company. Inzaghi is there thanking every time the choirs dedicated to him start. But the head must remain on track. Tonight he can reach 72 points, the same as last year in the entire championship