Inter, Inzaghi among the greats of Europe

The coach has conquered the Nerazzurri planet. He is on the Reds’ list for after Klopp, but he feels good in Milan and wants to continue the cycle at the Nerazzurri


March 6 – 00:28 – MILAN

Thierry Henry, someone who has played and even seen a few football matches, said it exactly like this: “I have followed Inzaghi for a long time, ever since he was at Lazio. The truth is that if you meet Inter in a cup match you’re in trouble.” It’s a huge compliment and a photograph that Simone very much hopes to confirm in a week in Madrid. In the meantime, you can also check the championship standings and get excited about a +15 which means the championship beyond any superstition and fear. And which automatically projects the coach into another dimension, that of the greatest in the national field and the most coveted on the European market.


It’s not a question of Red Bull or not, but of objective numbers and others that need to be interpreted. There is victory and victory. Here, for example, there is not “just” a tricolor but also a dominated championship, with opponents that you haven’t even seen in your rear-view mirrors for a few weeks now. The little triangle number 20 is Inzaghi’s consecration. It is the next step after the Champions League final reached last season which made the coach known internationally. Now there is the trophy, beyond the applause. Now there is that success lost two years ago which was the origin of all the evil, sorry, of all the criticism. Criticisms from which Inzaghi emerged in style: if it were not overused as a term, one could say that the coach could be mentioned in encyclopedias in the future, under the heading “resilience”.


Today Inzaghi is a top coach. There are the top players and then there are the coaches who add. Simone added and many have understood this. In England, for example, it is more than a whisper that he ended up on the list of coaches targeted for post-Klopp at Liverpool. It’s the logic of the market, Inzaghi knows it too and he doesn’t mind it. But he is doing well in Milan and it is not a figure of speech, both for family reasons and for sporting ambitions: he too knows well that the advantage he has accumulated over the others in Italy will not be easily bridged, that Inter in terms of planning is definitely ahead. Just to say: theoretically, with the signings of Taremi and Zielinski, next season’s transfer market could already be over before it began. Winning is nice, then, continuing to do so is even more so because there aren’t many coaches who have managed to open a cycle of success at the Nerazzurri, lasting more than two seasons: Herrera, Mancini, Bersellini and Trapattoni. The managers also know this, as they see no problems with a contract renewal beyond the 2025 deadline. This is not the time, it will go – as happened in the past – at the end of the season in everyone’s interest, even the coach himself. The idea is to propose Simone a renewal until 2026, perhaps with an option until 2027, with an imaginable significant adjustment compared to the current salary of 5.5 million euros.


“At the end of the season we will take stock of these three years together,” said the coach after the victory against Genoa. There was no malice in those words, there was the desire to leave aside any talk that would distance him from the field. Inzaghi knows he has made the leap, he and all his staff who have not been spared fierce criticism. Istanbul made him grow, because it showed him the way: all players involved, no one excluded, granting confidence even in big matches. The locker room appreciated it, a locker room purified of two-three figures who are no longer starters and no longer positive. The “rest” were decisive corrections: higher center of gravity, ball possession, the inclusion of Pavard, the choice to focus on Thuram since the summer, a somewhat revolutionary occupation of space, a practically perfect management of psychophysical energies . Everyone noticed, not just Henry.