Inter-Genoa, slow motion: the foul on Barella doesn’t exist

Ayroldi, what an oversight! The VAR calls him back to review his decision but the referee doesn’t change his mind. Lautaro also got the yellow card wrong in the second half

An oversight (even if revised) by Ayroldi weighs heavily on Inter-Genoa when he awards the penalty to Inter for (not) a foul by Frendrup on Barella (33′ pt): Paterna calls him to the video to change his mind but the match director holds your own decision. He also took a very generous penalty for touching the ball before crossing. Gudmundsson is missing a yellow (on Asllani in the 16th minute) and Lautaro’s warning (23rd minute) isn’t there: it’s just a swerve. Vitinha-goal: it was right to cancel for offside.