Inter and Lukaku between Ledure and Roc Nation: the conflict of representation

The American agency had paved the way for an agreement between the Nerazzurri and Chelsea while the Belgian lawyer was playing on other tables: the winning double track a year ago is today the reason for the chaos

Gazzetta dello Sport

Business in football is done in threes: who sells, who buys and the player. And it is already difficult, at times, to find the square on this triangulation. Imagine if one of these components is, according to a definition of these hours, complex: composite, with multiple souls. It is the articulated galaxy that revolves around Romelu Lukaku, whose lawyer-agent Sebastien Ledure has separated his own path from Roc Nation, the powerful American agency that represents the attacker. Thus breaking the front of the agreement between the other two legs of the table, Inter and Chelsea who yesterday reached an agreement for 35 million plus 5 bonuses for the definitive transfer of the Belgian to the Nerazzurri.


But why are two of them dealing with Lukaku, Roc Nation and Ledure? Because, at the end of a wandering through various proxies that had already made him go from Mino Raiola to Federico Pastorello, the Belgian arrived at Roc Nation above all to take care of his own commercial interests. Parallel to these vicissitudes was born the relationship with Ledure, a Belgian lawyer specializing in sports law, capable of penetrating the player market through a firm that deals with consultancy for football players: “I’ve known him for five years, thanks to his mother – he said a year ago the lawyer in an interview with The Avenir -. She began to ask herself certain questions and talked about them with someone from the company. That’s how we got in touch. Gradually Romelu gained confidence. He had already decided to leave Raiola for Pastorello ”.


The double track, a lawyer for the legal aspects and an agency for the commercial ones, had worked when a year ago the good offices at the highest levels between Roc Nation, and in particular between his founder Jay Z, and Chelsea, and especially owner Todd Boehly. The same fertile axis in which the mediation of the American agency for the exit from the Blues has still moved. Working for the Inter destination, while Ledure had been playing for weeks on other tables with other destinations in mind, for negotiation purposes or maybe even to go all the way: Aston Villa, Milan, Juventus. Materializing the chaos on the Lukaku bank that has led to the confusion of these hours. Which can only settle the Belgian. Someone who during his career hasn’t had any problems changing representative when he felt the need, from Raiola to Pastorello up to Roc Nation. But it also applies to Ledure.