It’s not a good day for mark zuckerbergthe entrepreneur who created Facebook, social network with the most users in the world that made him rich and famous. It happens that since it expanded and bought Instagram Y WhatsApp (companies with billions of users) seems to have lost control, as bug reports are increasingly followed. Without going any further, they have just suffered a crash on Instagram that caused a loss of followers in users and blocked accounts. And, as if this were not enough, in addition, the shares of their companies do not stop showing themselves in decline.

    in the last hours Instagram went down, causing many users to see their accounts suspended without reason or warning. Blocked accounts, as if they had been penalized for violating social network rules. And other cases with a drop in the number of followers that ranged from 100 to cases in which more than a thousand fell. A fault that supposedly would be solved and about which, as they have accustomed us, they never give an explanation. Although this fall coincides with the launch of a new interface for the web version. But it was not the first time: last thursday the network social also presented a series of failures, and in June this year there were also problems.

    While Instagram has these issues, WhatsApp does not lag behind. Last week, the messaging service, which has become an indispensable tool for almost everyone, experienced a crash that left the user incommunicado for two hours. 73% of users in sending messages, while 23% had problems with the app and 4% couldn’t even properly use WhatsApp web, the app’s desktop service.

    And it wasn’t the first time for WhatsApp either: in October of last year it also experienced a blackout, and on that occasion it did so together with Instagram and, also, together with Facebook. That blackout caused the WhatsApp shares fell 5% on WallStreet, something that caused the businessman a loss of more than 5,000 million dollars. Until now, the biggest drop in WhatsApp occurred in 2019, between March 13 and 14 and lasted 14 hours.

    Regarding the ups and downs of the shares, they are the other big problem that afflicts the billionaire. The shares of Meta, the mother company of the holding company headed by Zuckerberg, have just lost more than 24 percent of its value on Wall Street. The share price of around $100 is the lowest since 2016, having hit $382 at its highest point. This made Zuckerberg, who once had a net worth of $142 million, now have a net worth of $38.1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which represents the largest decline in wealth among those on that list.

    And it is that in addition to Facebook, and adding Instagram and WhatsApp, the project of the metaverse of Zuckerberg seems to represent nothing more than a waste of energy and money in the current landscape of the entrepreneur.

    The virtual world that Zuckerberg wanted to create, where people could relate to each other and live experiences together, such as shopping or going to work, does not end up generating either the enthusiasm or the desired economic return, and its shares are also falling.

    Time will tell if this is just a losing streak for one of the most important business leaders of recent times or if Zuckerberg is “reaching too far” to “push less and less.”

    by RN

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