After several design adjustments over the past few years, Instagram is now reversing a number of changes.

    The Meta subsidiary Instagram has announced that it intends to focus more on classic content on the social media platform. As part of the return to the core business of the app, the unpopular shop button is now to disappear from the start page.

    Much criticism for confusing changes

    In 2020, Instagram integrated two new functions into the app that required a rethink of the user interface. For the integration of Shop Features and the Tiktok clone “Reels”, both the “+” button for uploading new content and the notification button had to go from the start page. Since then, reels have been in the center of the navigation bar and to the right is quick access to the shop.

    Many users criticized these changes as a move away from Instagram’s origins, custom photos, in favor of the reel. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, among others, called on the company: “Make Instagram Instagram again“. Also the introduction of the shop function was on Twitter and Reddit heavily criticized. Most notably, users complained that the changes make the app more difficult to use, since the buttons for creating new posts and notifications are no longer directly accessible.

    Instagram removes shop button

    From February, the social media app wants to reverse this change. The “+” button should appear at the top of the navigation bar again. To do this, the reels move to the right where the shop used to be. This in turn disappears completely from the bar.

    According to Instagram, the shop function will remain in the app. However, the changes make it much easier to use and also put the focus back on creating and uploading classic Instagram content.