Injured in house fire in Goirle, dog rescued from home

A resident of an apartment complex on the Melkweg in Goirle was injured on Wednesday evening when a fire broke out in his home. He was rushed to hospital. His dog was rescued from the home by police.

The fire report was received by the alarm center at ten to nine. The fire brigade quickly brought the fire on the second floor of the residential complex under control. This was done with the help of a tanker truck and an aerial platform. The blackened kitchen was clearly visible from the ground floor, a 112 correspondent reported.

The resident was taken to hospital by ambulance with sirens and flashing lights and accompanied by a police car. A different story was the victim’s dog. The animal, a pit bull, had to be removed from the house by a police dog handler. This was done with a catch stick. The dog was then taken to a shelter in a police van.

Some residents of the apartment complex had to temporarily leave their homes as a precaution. They stood outside watching the firefighting and rescue efforts. No further care was necessary. Everyone could return home around a quarter to ten.